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    Only Ever You – Chapter 1

    She loved when Bette was as hungry and possessive as she was currently being, the usual result of a successful night.

    The redhead had known better than anyone how hard Bette had worked over the last few weeks, doing all she could to ensure the night went off without a hitch. It was an accomplishment on its own that Bette even secured the account as the artist was known for being incredibly picky with whom she chose to display her work. Combine that with the unbelievable turnout, Bette was riding a high like no other.

    The woman’s eyes rolled back as she felt Bette’s hands roam up her toned mile long legs, “a perk of dating a model” the brunette had once said. She held her breath as Bette bunched up the dress at her waist, a sly grin spreading across her face at the sound of the brunette’s hungry growl of approval. She hadn’t been wearing any panties.

    “You’re so sexy” Bette whispered huskily as she kneaded the redhead’s ass, eliciting another moan from her.


    A cell phone began to ring, startling the redhead and interrupting her next words. She dropped her head and saw Bette’s phone flashing from inside the open purse, a portion of the device poking out.

    Bette had been in the process of spreading the redhead’s cheeks, no doubt to take her right then and there but the unfamiliar name on the brunette’s phone held the redhead’s attention. She angled her head to get a better view of the name even as cool air kissed her wet achy center.

    “Who’s Alice?”

    As if a light had been switched off Bette was on her feet in the next instant, her earlier intentions suddenly forgotten. She crowded the redhead between herself and the table as she grabbed the phone from the purse, silencing it before placing it face down on the table and pressed her lips to the woman’s neck.

    “Just a friend. Probably to see how the night went. I’ll call her back tomorrow”

    Bette almost immediately regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth, biting back a groan when the redhead spun around to meet her gaze. She saw the intrigue light up in those beautiful green eyes and wished she was anywhere but right there in that moment.


    1. Zhenya says

      So, Bette – model, really? And Tina – single or with someone, like Brenda?

      I know it’s probably too early, but i have a suggestion how we can get rid from Emma. Maybe Emma London go to the London?)

      Waiting for the next part and what road you give for B&T. By the way – start this story something similar for you story “Sole mates” but in reverse. Bette (Tina) going to home town where lives her ex-girfriend Tina (Bette)

    2. Bibi28 says

      Hi Liah,

      Hmm, i have to be a litlle patient before you reveal what happened between Bette & Tina Seven years back, ok but you know i am not a very good at waiting 😉

      Glad that Bette stayed in contact with her friends all these years.

      So Emma is the first ” relationship” after Tina, she will have to prepare to say goodbye after Bette will meet Tina at her sisters bar, no way that theirs relationship will develop in more.

      Tina, working for Kit or is she co-owner with Kit? And what happened with her the last Seven years?

      Ok, i know, i am asking to much questions and have to be patient.

      I hope all is going well in your life Liah.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

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