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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 1

    “Yes, baby,” replied unmistakable voice, sleepy and sexy.

    It was too much. Stress and anxiety of the last three months of unknown, of waiting was so nerve wrecking that Tina’s mind went blank and she fainted.


    Outside, the dawn was barely breaking. The bushes in front of the house were big enough to hide a person from the view of anyone on the inside. The figure remained in crouching position for a long time, until there was no doubt that the women inside didn’t notice anything unusual. After almost an hour, when it was obvious that the occupants of the house didn’t hear or see the intruder, the figure slowly approached the side of the building where the lights were on and the kitchen came into a view.

    Two familiar women were sitting at the table, talking and drinking coffee. “When did she get here? I haven’t see her coming in,” the person frowned and tried to get closer to see if the conversation could be overheard. It was the middle of summer and the air around was filled with humidity and heat, even in this early hour of the morning. It smelled like wet leaves and tree bark. The sun was out already and the intruder began feeling uncomfortable with sweat running down her spine.

    The kitchen window was slightly open and it was enough to hear part of the conversation…

    “Just let her seep a little. I think Tina had quite an ordeal last nigh so she need some rest,” Alice commented as she poured fresh coffee into the mugs.

    Bette nodded, “Yes, I kind of got that impression when she fainted just from the sight of me.”

    “Does it get better, to go through the portal?” Alice asked as Bette hungrily drunk her coffee.

    “Not really,” Bette shook her head pensively. “I could feel a lot of pressure around, like all the air was getting to be sucked out of you. But it’s over so fast and the relief is so overwhelming, that the uncomfortable feeling doesn’t matter in the end. Well, you know.” Bette finished her coffee and went for another refill. “Thank God, it’s all over. I’m not going anywhere.”

    “Good,” Alice nodded, “though, even if you wanted to, it won’t be possible anyway. If anyone goes back to 1800’s, they won’t be able to return. The portal will be sealed forever after that one last trip.”


    1. Hi! Thank you for the new chapter!

      Yeah, it a long time but i really glad that you not abandoned this story and give to us logical final.

      I’m very glad that in bed with Tina a Bette, and not Helena. I must say i almost never like much Alice in most stories, but in your novel she’s great friend for Bette and Tina.

      And of course waiting for the second part!

    2. Thank you for not forgetting this story and posting the first part of final!

      Thanks God Bette wasn’t late and returned to Tina in present time. But who was the spy who watched and overheard Bette and Alice conversation?
      And of course i like how you switched roles – now it was Tina who fainted.

    3. Hi B&Tforever:

      Great chapter, I was missing this story. I’m happy that you are giving us a wonderful end,
      Well, I know that this is part 1, but I hope you’ll post part 2 soon.

      Now, the question is where is Helena is she the one that is sneakingly looking through the window; or, perhaps is Christina who followed Bette, though the last one is not probably the one, because in that case, Tina couldn’t exist because she is the great daughter of Christina (quantum paradox 😂😂😂) It may be also the person who is investigating Dr. Kroll’s research. Anyway, I wish it was Helena, and that she decides to go back in time and disappear from Tina’s and Bette’s life.

      Well, whatever it is, I hope you post the last chapter soon. I want to tell you also that I understand how difficult is sometimes to end a story because our minds keep turning in different directions and want to make more twists in our writings, but every story has an end and I hope you could write more stories after this one.

      Thanks for the chapter.


    4. So incredibly happy to see an update but incredibly sad to know that it is almost over! Although I can safely say it’s had an amazing run over the years!

      Happy to see that Bette made it back just in time and PPS

    5. So happy to see you back!!!

      A little sad this story is almost to his end, but it was a incredible journey for you, us the readers and this story!!!

      All those ideas and thoughts running through your mind, maybe for a new story?!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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