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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 1

    “Are your calculations correct?”

    “Well, it was Professor Kroll’s predictions. He calculated six complete cycles. Of course, he didn’t base it on the real facts that we know. He only had the electro-magnetic and gravitational data combined with some historic events.” Alice paused and winked. “I base my calculations on our travels and what we’ve learned. Take all that into consideration and we know that your return just opened up the last cycle.”

    “So if someone goes through the portal and ends up back in 1886, they won’t be able to come back?” Bette asked pensively.


    Bette was about to say something else when the noise in the hallway interrupted her thoughts.


    When Tina opened her eyes again, she was alone in her bed and, if not for a faint remains of Bette’s scent in the air, she thought it might’ve been a dream. Tina raised herself on her elbows and looked around. Everything seemed normal but at the same time the air around felt different. Tina couldn’t explain the sensation but it was very uncanny. Quick glance at the clock revealed that it was almost eight am.

    Tina threw back the sheet and only then noticed that she was wearing nothing but her panties. On the chair next to her bed she found her shirt and jeans she was wearing last night…but no bra. Tina quickly put her clothes on and tiptoed to the kitchen where she could hear indistinct noises but couldn’t make out the words.

    The idyllic picture in the kitchen was almost too good to be true. Alice and Bette were sitting at the table, drinking coffee and talking quietly like it was the old times. Like it was nothing unusual and Bette didn’t just came back from another century where she spent three months that were so agonizing and painful for Tina. It was surreal. Tina’s eyes filled with tears and she tried to speak but the words failed her.

    Alice and Bette stopped talking as soon as they saw her standing outside the door.

    “Tina…” Bette whispered and smiled. She was half way up her chair when Tina suddenly turned pale as if she’d seen another ghost. She dropped on a floor like a log without making a sound.


    1. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thank you for the new chapter!

      Yeah, it a long time but i really glad that you not abandoned this story and give to us logical final.

      I’m very glad that in bed with Tina a Bette, and not Helena. I must say i almost never like much Alice in most stories, but in your novel she’s great friend for Bette and Tina.

      And of course waiting for the second part!

    2. Angel1981 says

      Thank you for not forgetting this story and posting the first part of final!

      Thanks God Bette wasn’t late and returned to Tina in present time. But who was the spy who watched and overheard Bette and Alice conversation?
      And of course i like how you switched roles – now it was Tina who fainted.

    3. proteonomics says

      Hi B&Tforever:

      Great chapter, I was missing this story. I’m happy that you are giving us a wonderful end,
      Well, I know that this is part 1, but I hope you’ll post part 2 soon.

      Now, the question is where is Helena is she the one that is sneakingly looking through the window; or, perhaps is Christina who followed Bette, though the last one is not probably the one, because in that case, Tina couldn’t exist because she is the great daughter of Christina (quantum paradox 😂😂😂) It may be also the person who is investigating Dr. Kroll’s research. Anyway, I wish it was Helena, and that she decides to go back in time and disappear from Tina’s and Bette’s life.

      Well, whatever it is, I hope you post the last chapter soon. I want to tell you also that I understand how difficult is sometimes to end a story because our minds keep turning in different directions and want to make more twists in our writings, but every story has an end and I hope you could write more stories after this one.

      Thanks for the chapter.


    4. JBLH says

      So incredibly happy to see an update but incredibly sad to know that it is almost over! Although I can safely say it’s had an amazing run over the years!

      Happy to see that Bette made it back just in time and PPS

    5. Bibi28 says

      So happy to see you back!!!

      A little sad this story is almost to his end, but it was a incredible journey for you, us the readers and this story!!!

      All those ideas and thoughts running through your mind, maybe for a new story?!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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