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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 2: Let’s hope life is back to normal (Bette and Tina reconnect and the gang is back together again)

    Bette’s fingers kept moving inside her and her lips captured Tina’s nipple at the same time. “Oh my God…oh my God…oh…my…God.” She thought she was dreaming because she had pictured this day so often since Bette was gone and she still couldn’t believe it was real. Bette was here and she was inside her, making love to her at this very moment. If it was a dream, it was the most realistic, most vivid dream she had ever had. Tina opened her legs wider, her hips arching, letting Bette to go even deeper inside her.

    She was painting now, rocking along with Bette’s strokes. Suddenly, the hands stopped moving and Tina cried out loud. She was so close and her body was on fire. She was about to protest when a soft mouth and wet tongue replaced the skillful fingers. Tina moaned loudly with her eyes closed and her body trembling as the orgasm hit her as soon as Bette’s lips touched her down there. Bette used her fingers again and Tina squeezed her legs tight, holding Bette’s hand inside her, as she screamed in pleasure. Bette’s lips were back on her neck and her lips, kissing her gently while Tina slowly began to relax and trying to get her breath back to normal.

    Her body still felt as if it was on fire and her heart was filled with love and desire but she couldn’t move or open her eyes. She tried to stop the tears but the sobbing started before her body even stopped trembling. She felt so overwhelming and happy at the same time, she couldn’t express her feelings if she tried.

    “Baby, are you okay? Did I hurt you?” Bette asked worriedly and Tina felt light gentle kisses on her face.

    She finally opened her eyes and smiled through the tears, “I’m more than okay…I’m just so happy. Being with you…after three months of agony and misery, not knowing if you ever come back…I finally have a feeling of being complete, being whole again.” She wiped her tears and touched Bette’s face. “Remember the inscription on the miniature?”

    “My heart will find yours…”

    “Yes…’just be ready for me’…I know Christina put those words there but I feel like I knew you in my previous life and my soul has been searching for you ever since. The day I found the miniature I felt like I knew that person on it, like I knew you. Even at thirteen you captivated me. You mesmerized me. As I grew older, I lost that feeling for awhile but I kept the miniature and every time I looked at your face, deep inside, I always knew that we were meant to be.” Tina raised her head to kiss Bette’s lips. “I don’t know if it makes any sense but I can’t explain it any other way.”


    1. To be Continued (TBC). I hope so! Does Helena ever give up? She paying Candace a lot of money to time travel when she has no idea where the portal is and how it works. And how is Candace going to get Bette to go with her? An abduction? Candace would be smart to take the money and run and never see Helena again. It would serve Helena right. Then everyone could claim Helena as being a mental case. “That woman is crazy. She keeps talking about time travel.”

      Thanks for the update….

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