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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 2: Let’s hope life is back to normal (Bette and Tina reconnect and the gang is back together again)

    Bette was suddenly on top of Tina, pushing her legs apart as she settled between them. Tina gasped and her whole body trembled at the intimate touch. “Have you loved someone so much you can’t breathe when you are with them?” she said with effort, trying to take it all in slowly and failing miserably.

    “Yes,” Bette said in her low seductive voice. “You take my breath away.”

    Tina closed her eyes again, unable to stop the moans as she felt Bette’s tongue licking her lips, asking for an invitation. There was no hesitation when Tina’s lips parted and their tongues met, making them both moaned in unison. Tina arched against Bette, begging for her touch, her body in need and her heart beating wildly. She could feel Bette smiling against her lips, as if she senses the urgency but was intent on taking things slowly, so painfully slowly.

    “If you keep doing what you are doing,” Tina whispered in between her moans, “I won’t last long.”

    Bette paused for a moment and Tina groaned, “Why did you stop? Keep going.”

    Bette’s lips left her mouth and began kissing down her neck again, trailing across her swollen breasts. “Oh Bette, please hurry,” Tina pleaded. Bette was such an alpha sometimes and Tina enjoyed giving in and letting her be in control, letting Bette take her time in loving her. But her body had a mind of its own and it was begging for release. Bette laughed softly and moved her head up, kissing Tina’s lips again, with such tenderness and love, that it made Tina feel breathless again.

    “I’m not going anywhere…we have all the time in a world to enjoy each other, to love each other,” she kissed her again. “Don’t worry. I won’t stop but I like doing it slow so I can enjoy every inch of your body.” Tina whimpered, almost in frustration, needing Bette to take her now and make a slow love to her later.

    “Bette, stop talking…I need you so much,” Tina grabbed Bette’s hand and moved between them, sliding it across her skin. Bette smiled again but she didn’t say anything as her fingers found the wetness and the heat. She moaned with pleasure as she entered Tina, slowly at first and then faster, with more urgency. Tina’s head rolled back, her eyes slammed shut as the electric current quickly travelled through her body and she was on the edge within seconds.


    1. To be Continued (TBC). I hope so! Does Helena ever give up? She paying Candace a lot of money to time travel when she has no idea where the portal is and how it works. And how is Candace going to get Bette to go with her? An abduction? Candace would be smart to take the money and run and never see Helena again. It would serve Helena right. Then everyone could claim Helena as being a mental case. “That woman is crazy. She keeps talking about time travel.”

      Thanks for the update….

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