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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 3

    “Didn’t you say that we need to hurry,” Shane asked again teasingly.

    “Shane, I have a perfect plan and perfection cannot be rushed…and I want Dana to be here,” Alice replied.

    Kit arrived with food supplies, coffee and wine. “You are a life saver,” Bette smiled, giving her sister a hug. Kit shrugged, “Just taking care of my family.”

    Alice paced around nervously and kept looking out of the window. “Al, Dana said she’ll be here any minute,” Shane noticed Alice’s anxiety and joined her by the window.

    “I’m not looking for Dana, Shane. I’m looking for the G-men or Helena’s spies. Who knows what that bitch is planning to do or who else she had talked to already.”

    Shane shook her head as she patted Alice on her back and joined others on the sofa. Kit served coffee and Tina’s small house filled with delicious aroma of lunch. Alice’s stomach growled. They all barely had anything to eat when Helena had interrupted them at The Planet. She grabbed her cup and half of a turkey sandwich Kit prepared. She sighed in content and sat down on a plush armchair, “Tina, I never noticed how comfortable this chair is. Is it new?”

    “I had it for years, Al.”

    “Really? Damn, I haven’t noticed.”

    After a few minutes of silence while everyone ate, Alice asked, “Have I told you a story about my college boyfriend and almost a three-some?”

    Shane rolled her eyes, “Only a few times.”

    Bette laughed, “I don’t think I heard it, so go ahead, Alice.”

    Alice’s face brightened, “So I was dating this guy in college…what was his name now…Steve or maybe Dick…not important. He played drums in my band for a few months. Damn, what was his name?” she snapped her fingers, her eyebrows knit together in concentration.

    “Rick?” Shane supplied.

    “Oh yeah, Rick. Thank you, Shane,” she bowed theatrically.

    Shane shrugged, “I told you, I heard that story already and I don’t want to hear it again.”

    “But you’re going to anyway,” Alice stuck her tongue out. “Besides, Bette never heard it, so here we are. I know I’ve told you about Rick but I’ve never told you this particular story. For those who didn’t know or forgot, I was in college. I had a band called Butter and I thought I was straight. But there was this chick, Carol, and she was so gay. Short spiky hair, skinny and tall, and lots and lots of tattoos. Always wearing jeans and t-shirts…talking of stereotypes. I was always so girly back then and she knew I was dating Rick but she still pursued me relentlessly. And I was curious…” Alice winked, “Bi-curious.”


    1. Wow, this is drama. Getting intense. I need to reread some of the last chapters to get caught up….. I remember that i truly do love this type story – Time Travel. It just fascinates me.

      Thanks for the chapter. Hope you can get another one in soon. I want to read more of this…..

      Great story…. More please and soon too.

    2. Welcome back.
      You are such a tease using the word ‘Finale’ then giving it innumerable parts !! I have a nightmare of many years hence waiting for ‘Part 50’ !!!
      Seriously I love this story and have read it from start to this point more than once so please, please, post again soon.

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