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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 3

    “I thought you were dating your bass player Tayo?” Tina asked.

    “Oh yeah, but that was after I discovered I was bisexual and began looking for the same qualities in men and women,” Alice laughed. “Anyway, one night I gave Carol the keys to my dorm room and told her to meet me there after our gig. I gave Rick some lame excuse why I can’t go out with the band to celebrate. I walked a few blocks to get my mind cleared and then went back to the dorms. I was pretty nervous because it was going to be my first sexual encounter with another woman. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I opened the door. The room was dark and I couldn’t see anything but I heard weird noises. I turned the lights on and…” Alice paused for dramatic effect and Shane asked obligingly, “What did you see, Al?”

    “I’m glad you asked, Shane. I saw Rick and Carol doing it.”

    “Oh, you poor thing,” Kit said.

    “I know, right? The didn’t even wait for me, if it was a pre-planned ménage à trois.”

    Bette suddenly began laughing hysterically, until she managed to say between fits of giggles, “Wait…your boyfriend…and your lesbian would-be lover…having sex…with each other…”

    Alice nodded her head and laughed as well, “I know…crazy.”

    Dana walked in as everyone was still laughing and looked at everyone, “What’s so funny? What did I miss?”

    Alice ran to her and give her a hug and a kiss, “You didn’t miss anything, honey. Just passing time entertaining the gang while waiting for you.”

    As soon as Dana got her food and coffee and everyone settled down, Alice cleared her throat to get attention.

    “Based on my observation and knowledge of human nature as a journalist and overall pretty smart person, I can tell with confidence that Helena Peabody knows.”

    “Knows what?” Dana asked innocently.

    Alice slapped her forehead dramatically, “Oh, I forgot that you were not there this morning.”

    She recounted the events of the last night and the following morning to catch Dana up. After she was satisfied that everyone was up to date and listening to her with rapt attention, Alice concluded, “Helena is evil and her family has connections in a lot of different places, including government. Seeing her with Candace made me think that she is planning something. A woman of her status doesn’t socialize with a low life like Candace for no reason. I won’t be surprised if the FBI or CIA will show up on your doorstep, Tina.”


    1. Wow, this is drama. Getting intense. I need to reread some of the last chapters to get caught up….. I remember that i truly do love this type story – Time Travel. It just fascinates me.

      Thanks for the chapter. Hope you can get another one in soon. I want to read more of this…..

      Great story…. More please and soon too.

    2. Welcome back.
      You are such a tease using the word ‘Finale’ then giving it innumerable parts !! I have a nightmare of many years hence waiting for ‘Part 50’ !!!
      Seriously I love this story and have read it from start to this point more than once so please, please, post again soon.

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