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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 4B Chapter: Last curtain – The End Is Almost Here

    Bette shook her head and sighed, “Al, you’re making it very complicated.”

    “No, I’m not. I’m making it believable,” Alice smiled innocently. “Just be your charming self, Bette, and if it doesn’t work, be someone else. Agent McHottie won’t know what hit her.”

    “Speaking of the devil, “Tina whispered and inclined her head to the right, as she raised her eyebrows.

    Alice glanced in that direction and whistled. Bette turned her head and they all stared at Agent McKinnon walking towards them. “Mama Mia, she’s hot. If I didn’t have Dana…”

    “Oh Alice, please,” Tina rolled her eyes. “You don’t even like them butch. You’ve always been into girly girls.”

    “Not always and I can recognize and appreciate hotness in anyone, no matter who they are.”

    “Alice, you can stop with the drooling,” Bette remarked with a nervous giggle. “Did you see the ring on her finger? Looks like she might be committed…or something”

    “Damn, how did I miss that?”

    “Like it matters,” Tina bumped her shoulder. “You have Dana, remember?”

    Agent McKinnon slowly approached them with a wide smile, as if she was well aware that they were all whispering about her. She was wearing another custom made dark navy suit with a silk charcoal button-down shirt underneath. Her dark hair, short but wavy, was slightly wet, like she just stepped out of the shower. “Ms. Porter, I’m glad to finally make your acquaintance.”

    “I highly doubt that,” Bette replied, folding her arms. “I was under the impression that you deem me as some sort of a criminal and a drug-trafficker, no less.”

    Agent McKinnon shrugged, “Just following my orders. If you are innocent, then you have nothing to worry.” Her smile was apologetic and warm.

    Bette smiled back, “Well, lets proceed with the interview then.”

    “Wait, don’t you guys supposed to read her Miranda rights or warnings or whatever you government people do after you slap handcuffs on the suspects and innocents alike?” Alice put her arms on the hips and narrowed her eyes.

    “You watch too much TV, uh…Ms…” Agent McKinnon inclined her head, waiting for Alice to introduce herself.

    “Pieszecki…Alice Pieszecki,” Alice announced dramatically.

    “Well, Alice Pieszecki, the way the arrests are portrayed on a myriad of criminal TV shows is not always accurate. They mainly serve to entertain, not to provide an insight into a reality of procedures or investigation,” Agent McKinnon replied casually. “As it stands, Ms. Porter is a person of interest and not a suspect at this point in time. However, I’m not here to educate you on all the ways we conduct our business and I’m sure you all have much better things to do. Ms. Porter, if you please…”


    1. I am beginning to think that this Finale will be a further 68 Chapters !!!
      Notwithstanding thank you for posting, I cannot stop the smile of delight which crosses my face when I see a post

      Any point in saying, ‘please post soon’

    2. Thanks for the update…. nice chapter…. so here we go with Alice and a few questions. If we just knew what the other team knew and what they were guessing at, we might come up with a strategy to get them off the trail. I think the FBI is going to laugh about the possibility of time travel. Helena will then look like a fool and maybe life will proceed in a normal fashion…

      I really want to see where this ends up…. write and publish as soon as you can.

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