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    Out of Closet (TiBette time-travel romance), Ch. 68, Finale part 4B Chapter: Last curtain – The End Is Almost Here

    “It has been over two hours. What could they possible be talking about?”

    Tina’s eyes lit up when she saw Bette walking towards them. She practically ran into her lover’s arms. “How do you think you did?” Tina asked as she put her arm around Bette’s slender waist and kissed her lips gently.

    “Not sure yet,” Bette shrugged. “I’m not in jail, so that’s a good sign. I was told not to leave town, so the jury is still out on this one.”

    “Bette, we role-played this,” Alice shook her head.

    “Yes, but you didn’t portray the FBI agents so aggressive and unreasonable. They asked me some questions that weren’t even on our list,” Bette replied in her defense. She was about to describe her experience when a movement caught her eye. She froze.

    “Oh-oh, trouble just arrived,” Alice whispered as she elbowed Tina. Helena Peabody and Professor Kroll walked into the lobby just as they all prepared to leave. Helena put away her iPhone when she saw Bette and whispered something into Kroll’s ear. Professor looked completely lost and confused but he nodded.

    Helena smiled and moved like a snake in the grass. She strode confidently towards them, “Morning, ladies…Tina.” Her voice was as sweet as honey but Tina could see the predatory gleam in her eyes. Tina just nodded. Alice mumbled something under her breath but all they heard was ‘bitch’. Bette folded her arms and replied politely, “Helena…”

    When the FBI agents approached the group, Helena quickly stepped towards Agent McKinnon and said something to her quietly. The female agent frowned for a moment but then shrugged and looked at Alice, “Miss Pieszecki, would you please come with us? It appears that you might be a material witness in our investigation.”

    Alice sighed, accepting the inevitable turn of events and extended her arms towards the agent. Agent McKinnon’s lips quirked and she shook her head, “What is it with you and the handcuffs?”

    Alice shrugged playfully, “What can I say…I’m not into S&M per se but handcuffs as a foreplay makes everything so much hotter. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent McKinnon?”

    The female agent just chuckled and motioned for Alice to follow them. Alice smiled at her, “It’s not a no.”

    To Be Continued…

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    1. I am beginning to think that this Finale will be a further 68 Chapters !!!
      Notwithstanding thank you for posting, I cannot stop the smile of delight which crosses my face when I see a post

      Any point in saying, ‘please post soon’

    2. Thanks for the update…. nice chapter…. so here we go with Alice and a few questions. If we just knew what the other team knew and what they were guessing at, we might come up with a strategy to get them off the trail. I think the FBI is going to laugh about the possibility of time travel. Helena will then look like a fool and maybe life will proceed in a normal fashion…

      I really want to see where this ends up…. write and publish as soon as you can.

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