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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XIX

    “Rachel..” Shane sighs. “Bette is my best friend, there is no way that I can be with you even after this. If Bette ever finds out, I don’t even know if she’ll forgive me and that is something I cannot imagine.”

    “I understand that.” I say. “That is why I feel I need to come clean and take the blame fully.”

    “No, you can’t do that. Do you understand that will return this entire vacation?”

    “I just don’t know what else to do?”

    “You do nothing.” Shane sighs. “We do nothing.”

    “Oh my god Bette.” I hear her let out a soft moan as she hits her climax.

    I feel her hands pulling my face up to kiss her.

    I kiss her lips passionately before laying next to her on the bathroom floor.

    We lay here gasping for air as our love making exhausts us both.

    I watch as she climbs to her feet and starts collecting her clothing.

    “Are you ok?” I ask.

    “Yeah, I’m fine.”

    “I needed you.” I say.

    “It was nice, it relaxed me.”

    “So you aren’t mad with me?” I start to collect my clothing as I sit up.

    “No. I’m not mad with you.”

    I stand and pull her into my arms.

    “I just don’t understand what we are doing Bette.”

    “We’ve always loved each other, that is what is happening.”

    ( 2 Nights Later )

    “Congratulations you guys, we are so happy for you.” I say hugging Alice and Tasha.

    “Thanks Bette.” Alice says with the happiest smile.

    “We are, we are just so happy for you guys baby girl.” Kit says following behind my hugs.

    “I must say the set up is beautiful.” I say.

    “Helena hooked us up with some party decorator and we couldn’t be more happier with how it turned out.” Tasha says.

    “Also have you guys been talking with Shane? I haven’t seen her yet.” 

    “I’m sure she’ll be around here somewhere girl, she is probably grabbing some tail as we speak, you know how she is.” Kit chuckles.

    “Yeah, I’m certain she’ll be around.” I smile. “You guys enjoy the rest of your night, I’m sure plenty of people want to say their congrats. I’ll see you later.” I lean in and kiss Alice on the cheek followed by Tasha.


    1. Hi Tory,

      Just read the the chapter. How stupid is Danielle to expect Tina to forgive her after the way she treated her.?! She fucked up big time and she needs to go…

      Rachel, what can i say? She overheard a conversation and decide that Bette must be hurt by sleeping with Shane. They were both wrong to do that and saying it was under influence of drugs and alcohol, no excuse.

      But Bette is wrong too to sleep with Tina before breaking up with Rachel, but i am a diehard Tibette fan and happy they will try to fix their relationship.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

    2. I think this story was very good. Nice introduction of new characters Danielle and Rachel. Danielle even though in her late thirties seems to be a bit immature or really a narcisitic personality. If she had been smart, she would have sat down with Tina and given her a complete picture of the job process would be and the time frame expected. If she was going to have to be on the phone for business purposes, then she should have explained that to Tina in terms of why, how often, how much time would be involved. Who wants to be on vacation with a lover who is using the phone frequently and trying to hide that use after they have indicated that they would not use the phone. Of course it was easily predictable that Danielle would not stay in Tina’s bed for long. I enjoyed the story…

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