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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XX

    “I know.”

    “Trust me, I can’t wait until I get to lay around with you.”

    I feel her body wrap itself around me and her head rests on my shoulder.

    I take her hand into mine and kiss it softly.

    “I’ll see you tonight.” She says while kissing my neck.

    It takes every ounce of power inside to pull away and stand to my feet collecting the rest of my things.

    “Yeah.” I smile at her before leaving the room.

    I join our friends as I see an empty chair beside Alice.

    “Hey TK.” Alice says while handing me a beer.

    “Thanks.” I say taking it from her hand.

    I look around to see who is here and I spot Bette sitting next to Rachel and Kit.

    Our eyes lock and I smile. Her smile reaches across the distance at me.

    “Hey TK.”

    I look up to see Shane approaching with a smoke in her mouth.

    “Hey. How’ve you been?” I ask.

    “I’ve been great and yourself?” She asks while taking a seat next to me.

    My eyes search across the fire to see Bette making on and off eye contact with me. “I’ve been great.”

    “Have you crossed paths with Danielle today?”

    “I made those paths cross. I called her and told her I wanted to meet up with her.”

    “About? If you don’t mind me asking.”

    “About her chances with me not happening. I wanted to make it clear to her that I’m not interested in her trying. And that I want her to stay away from us while she is here.”

    “You think that is gonna happen?”

    “I guess we’ll see. I’m hoping if she has any respect for me, she’ll listen.”

    “I’m really sorry you guys never worked out, T.”

    “Thanks, but it is fine. I didn’t expect it to work out.”

    “Well I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

    I nod and take a sip of my beer.

    “Hey guys.” Bette says approaching with Rachel.

    “Well I’m going to go grab a beer.” Shane says standing.

    “Can I join you?” Rachel asks.

    “Uh, yeah sure.” Shane nods.

    “I’ll be back.” Rachel says looking at Bette.

    “May I?” Bette says looking at the chair next to me.

    “Of course.”

    “Have you spoken with Danielle recently?” She asks holding her beer with her two hands.


    1. Didn’t expect that this was the last chapter 🙁

      But i understand why you decided to end it here. It was quite the journey and we got the end we wanted, B&T together!!!!

      I would like it very much if you will come back with another Tibette story. I like the way you tell a story!!!

      Thank you so much for this story!!!

      Hope to read a new story soon, no pressure 😁😉

    2. Oh thank you for coming back and finishing this one.. I liked it from the start and waited patiently for you to come back and finish it. And im glad they all remained friends well except for Danielle.. but in a way she did them all a favor. Lol.. thank you again.

    3. Had a re-read of this great story and enjoyed again your talent for writing.

      Please consider returning to writing another Tibette story. Perhaps an Epilogue of this story could be a starting point?

      Happy New Year, hope to be notified of a new post from you soon :-)

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