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    Pieces of Time – Chapter XX

    “Um, yeah. I wanted to talk to her so I gave her a call to meet me at the beach today.”

    “Have you changed your mind towards her?”

    “Why are you asking this?” I chuckle.

    “You know-I’m-I’m just curious.”

    “I told her I’m not interested in her begging me to forgive her. And I want her staying away.”

    “Good for you T.”

    The party continues and reaches a new level of hype from the more consumed liquor.

    Alice dances around the fire with Tina, Helena and Shane as they sing their hearts out to an old 80’s hit coming from a small speaker.

    I watch and chuckle seeing Tina enjoying herself so much. I can tell the alcohol has taken over her and loosened her up. We never enjoyed many hype nights together because we never fancied the party scene but once Tina got involved no one could stop her.

    I sit with Rachel and Kit to my side.

    I look around at everyone else and notice Danielle standing in the distance.

    “I’ll be right back.” I say looking at Rachel as I stand.

    “Sure.” She says smiling at me.

    I make my way through the crowd and make myself visible for Danielle to see.

    “What are you doing here?” I ask.

    “This is a free roaming resort isn’t it?”

    “Did you not understand what Tina told you?”

    “I understood it, yes. But it’s up to me to listen.”

    “I suggest you listen to her.”

    “Or what Bette? What are you going to do?”

    I laugh and look down. “If you have any respect for Tina, you would get out of here.”

    “But I have news.”

    “News? What the hell are you talking about Danielle?”

    I watch as she walks pass me and over towards the fire.

    “I’m sorry to interrupt everyone’s time but I feel that in my best interest and out of the respect of knowing you people for a while that it’s best not to keep secrets.”

    I notice Tina and the rest stop their dancing and look at Danielle.

    “Danielle I told you, I didn’t want you around.”

    “But doesn’t everyone want to hear what I say to say?”

    I step closer and stand with my arms crossed, I admit that fear sickens me and my mind takes me back to Jodi and the last time I was around a fire with everyone.


    1. Didn’t expect that this was the last chapter 🙁

      But i understand why you decided to end it here. It was quite the journey and we got the end we wanted, B&T together!!!!

      I would like it very much if you will come back with another Tibette story. I like the way you tell a story!!!

      Thank you so much for this story!!!

      Hope to read a new story soon, no pressure 😁😉

    2. Oh thank you for coming back and finishing this one.. I liked it from the start and waited patiently for you to come back and finish it. And im glad they all remained friends well except for Danielle.. but in a way she did them all a favor. Lol.. thank you again.

    3. Had a re-read of this great story and enjoyed again your talent for writing.

      Please consider returning to writing another Tibette story. Perhaps an Epilogue of this story could be a starting point?

      Happy New Year, hope to be notified of a new post from you soon :-)

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