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    She will be loved

    Yale – 1996 

    Bette had arrived at the cafeteria around 10 am, since she had had a really rough night. But not because of having sex with Drew in order to get her out of her room early in the morning, so that perhaps later in some other less compromising circumstances she could try to explain to her that “dating” was not happening, nor it would ever. 

    No. Bette was exhausted from doing the exact opposite. 

    The brunette had spent most of her night simply sitting in her room, trying by all means to persuade Drew from what was going on only in her head, and once her mission was accomplished she walked her back to her dorm. 

    It wasn’t that this girl had turned into a bit of a stalker that scared Bette, although that was indeed scary for the brunette. But it was the whole concept of a relationship that did the trick. The mere idea of such a commitment had no space in her head. Of course it had crossed her mind on, literally, a couple of occasions but it had disappeared as fast as it had entered her thoughts. 

    Bette had always thought of herself as a loner. Someone who was so well on  her own, that had accomplished that level of self-sufficiency that allowed her to  convince herself that she was indeed better off alone. She wasn’t going to let anyone in, and even less grant her the capacity to turn down those tall and thick walls, ones that had taken her many years and many tears to build. 

    Bette was so immersed in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice Tina arriving and standing next to her table. 

    “Well, well, well… I think someone had a rough night” The blonde started her round of teasing.

    Bette was startled by Tina’s voice, a voice she hadn’t realized how much she  had wanted to hear. She shyly smiled at the blonde who was now taking the  seat across from her.

    “Well… it was… bizarre to say the least…” Bette took the teasing like a proper lady.

    “I imagine how hard it was to decide the name of your first child…” Tina was  clearly having her fun. 

    “Okay… okay… I deserve it… keep teasing me… I’ll find your dirt… eventually.” Bette added with a mischievous smile.

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    1. Love their early meeting at college. Looking forward how the story moves on and the past will catch up with the present. I know I read your story before but as I can’t remember exactly it’s like I read it for the first time :-)

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