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    She will be loved

    “Oh come on, Bette… You cannot tell me that last night wasn´t… and I quote… “Bizarre  to say the least”… what happened after I left?” Tina asked rather amused at first but after a few seconds she mentally tapped herself in the head after that question. 

    After all, the blonde did not know Bette all that well -or at all actually- so she didn´t know how the brunette would react to that sort of intrusion. Tina certainly did not have the intention to sound nosy, but she was indeed intrigued. 

    Bette was both amused and a little bit shocked at Tina’s question, but she did not mind it at all and her face was showing it. 

    “Well… nothing really… I mean I talked to her and tried my best to make her realize that  we… we…” Bette was starting to stammer. She didn’t usually have any problems speaking about her sexuality, but with Tina for some weird reason she was. Was she being too cautious because she didn’t want the blonde to be scared or to assume certain stereotypes? And even so… why did she care so much? 

    Tina on the other hand, noticed all the self questioning Bette was doing inside her head so she decided to take the lead on this one, for it was clear to her that she had met someone that, although still a stranger, she  felt was worth keeping around. 

    Bette inspired her loyalty and kindness and  thoughtfulness, things that do not necessarily come hand in hand when you’ve  just met someone.

    “Bette” Tina started her sentence with the name that only coming from her mouth could sound so sexy and inviting. Needless to say Bette never realized this until years later, after hearing her name escaping from so many different lips. 

    After hearing Tina´s voice, the brunette met those hazel eyes, giving them her undivided attention. No words were needed. 

    “I may seem naïve, and although we are just starting to get to know one  another, I just wanted you to know that I don’t mind or care if you are a lesbian, bisexual or just experiencing new things… I really think you are a very smart and funny and passionate person… who I would like to be friends with… regardless of who you choose to love.” Tina stated in a very confident and yet sweet way. 

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    1. Love their early meeting at college. Looking forward how the story moves on and the past will catch up with the present. I know I read your story before but as I can’t remember exactly it’s like I read it for the first time :-)

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