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    She will be loved

    “I have only two requests… if you are interested in becoming my friend…” Tina  quickly added and Bette was still very silent, giving the blonde all her undivided attention. 

    “Number one… that you promise me you’ll always be fundamentally honest with me… that you won’t keep anything to yourself if I do or say something that annoys or hurts or offends you…”  Tina concluded her very serious and yet sweet statement.

    Bette was truly amazed and she liked Tina more and more with every word that cascaded from her lips. Quite literally honesty was the one constant thing that Bette required from all of those she called her true friends. And a quality she tried to abide by, but not always she or some of the people in her life had succeeded at doing. So this presented an interesting challenge… to always stay true to your friend and say what you really think to the other.

    She remained silent a few moments, staring intensely at Tina, while a shy smile  formed in the corners of her mouth.

    “Only on one condition” Bette stated breaking the silence, maintaining the solemnity of the moment.

    Tina looked a bit surprised, but decided to follow the brunette. “And what condition may that be?” She quickly asked.

    “That it works both ways” Bette estated with a huge and genuine smile on her face.

    “Deal” Tina sealed the agreement, also smiling brightly.

    “Hey… what was the other request? You mentioned two requests…” Bette asked after a few moments of intense eye contact as they both kept on smiling at one another.

    Tina looked pensive for a moment, adding some suspense to the moment.

    “That I get to be the godmother of yours and Drew´s firstborn…” The blonde added with a massive grin.

    New York – Summer 2002 

    Alphaville Main quarters 

    “Shit… shit, shit, shit… shit!!!!” Was all Tina could mutter after another failed attempt to control her tears. 

    She was certainly not prepared for one of the girls to call her like that, out of the blue. But for Kit to do so and give her those news… well she felt as if the walls of her office were shrinking, so she desperately needed to get out of there in order to start to try and recompose herself.

    What the fuck? Why can’t I find my voice to speak in the moments I have to?… and yet when I have nothing important to say no one can shut me up… Ohhh God… right now Kit must be hating herself for calling me… how can I be such an idiot?! 

    After what seemed like forever to her, Tina’s thoughts were regaining some  kind of composure, at least the sobbing had stopped, so she thought this would be the ideal moment to go out and get some air. That way she could attempt to start processing everything she had heard a few moments ago, for she knew she had to at some point. 

    So she decided to go to the only place she went whenever she needed to clear her head, and that was near the water.

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    1. Love their early meeting at college. Looking forward how the story moves on and the past will catch up with the present. I know I read your story before but as I can’t remember exactly it’s like I read it for the first time :-)

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