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    The Most Distance Course

    “Oh my god, are you serious?”

    “That is horrible.”

    “Duh! I mean, criminals are all awful, right? They’ve done bad things to harm this society, which is unforgivable.”

    “I have to agree with Alice about this.” Lara raises her hand.

    Alice snorts. “Huh, that’s rare.”

    “I’m not going to say it again.” Lara smiles.

    “Wait, wait, are you saying that…Kelly would have a divorce because of the people in the crime world?” Dana is absurd. “That makes no sense.”

    “Technically, not quite, the criminals from the Cooper organization didn’t force them to divorce, it was the cause, that broke them apart.”

    “What kind of cause?”

    Alice pleased with herself, she takes a large bite of the waffles.

    “The rumors I heard was that… Kelly received some business call from some stranger, they called her and offered some really really good business offer…Well, for the people who are smart like us certainly know it’s a fraud, but Kelly…poor Kelly, her IQ never grew. At least ten million dollars she’s deposited to account of the fake call.”

    “Jeez!” “Oh my god.”

    “I know! Right?” Alice says dramatically. “No kidding, even I dislike Kelly, I felt pity for her.”

    Hearing this, Bette’s fists can’t help clenching. What about Tina? Did anyone show any compassion to her?

    “I reckon that all the criminals should be sent in jail, they must be punished.”

    “Come on, Al, there’s still some bad guy they didn’t do it on purpose.”

    “Still! They have commit crimes!”

    Do you really know about crime? Alice? Have you ever once be in the underground before?

    “What if they were forced to do so? I mean, life isn’t fair, right? There must have some reason they have to do so, I mean, they have to live, right?”

    “But…Lara, they’ve hurt people, I do feel sad about what they have to be through, but it’s not right for them to do harmful things to others, there is no right to apply pain for other simply because they are already suffering.”

    What if they were the victims? The world, the wealthy people hurt them invisible, should they be punished by those verbal abuse? Bullying?

    “Fair enough, but how about this, for those who have to do something bad cause they have no choice, such as their family was already criminals?” Lara challenged Alice.


    1. JBLH says

      I had to read through some parts a few times to try to understand what was going on in this. But I’m still a bit confused as well. From what I’ve gathered, Tina is still clearly alive but we just don’t know why her and Bette are separated and why Bette can’t find her. Was the note about the address something recent that Tina sent to Bette? And if it is, why isn’t Bette using her skills to find it!!!

      I know Tina would probably have to be in hiding but I don’t understand why she would be MIA to Bette.

      Also please don’t let Bette go see Candace, that is something I’d rather not relive again lol. Thanks for posting!

    2. Zhenya says

      Absolutely agree with all what said JBLH – i’m too confused about all of this questions – how they separated and why Bette not try to find Tina?
      And i also agree about Candance – maybe in this story Bette would be woman enough and not sleep with her

    3. Finn422 says

      I have been confused many times in trying to follow this story! There are so many story lines that are incomplete, missing information for me to draw conclusions or follow the logic of the writer. This entry is no different. I enjoy being left with a cliffhanger or being left wanting more. I am tired of having to go back and read again believing I missed something only to realize it isn’t there. I have decided to give up! I am finished with this story! Sorry, I wanted closure and I can’t see it.

    4. Bibi28 says

      Hi CJ,

      Amazing chapter and i am sure you will reveal what happened with Tina. For me it was not a chapter that confused me, maybe for the others because you switch from present time to what happened 3 months ago. But you used a different type style for it.

      Why didn’t Bette looked for Tina already, hmm, i think because of her time spent in the hospital and it doesn’t seem wise that they see each other that soon, it could bring them both unwanted attention. Tina needs to hide for awhile and i believe Tasha is with her.

      Where ever Tina is, i hope she gets the help and support to fight the drug addiction as well for the deep trauma’s she went through all her life.

      And please, please i beg you to let Bette not be involved with Candace, other than as a friend and boss.

      I love Dana, a true friend. Alice is getting on my nerves, she never knows when to stop talking, she has a good heart but doesn’t know when to support a friend by just giving a hug or be still.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter, please update asap!!!

    5. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ:

      Great chapter, Oh my God, you are good at making me feel enthralled in this story. Now I want to know more about how Tina escaped.
      I want you to know that I’m not confused, with your writing, on the contrary, I understand your style and I know this story is non-apt for people with heart disease.
      What I understand very well is that Bette and Tina survived the attack of the Cooper’s fortress, and that, thanks to God, Sebastian Cooper is dead and hopefully deep in hell.
      I believe that Tina and Bette are far away from each other because of their safety and I believe that Tina is still working on her revenge against the bad guys.
      I don’t like Bette accepting Candace invitation, but I expect that ‘nothing’ happen in their meeting.
      Oh my God, that Alice; I have read many ‘Alices’ characters in different stories here, but this Alice I really don’t like, but it’s fine with me if you keep her so vain and stupid (any way someone has to be the ‘dumb guy’, right?)
      Well, CJ, thanks for the chapter and I’ll be waiting for the update eagerly.


    6. BAT2012 says

      CJ, this story is so intriguing. Thank you for keeping us guessing, but you are slowly filling in the pieces. Wherever Tina is would make sense that Bette wouldn’t know because she has to be in hiding. Aaron can’t be trusted that he would not use Bette to find Tina if they were to get together now. The authorities have to be convinced that Jodi is Justine and that Bette hasn’t turned. She’s still playing a part and Tina is still pulling strings behind the scenes. Kelly’s money is probably paying for Tina’s treatment and setting up her new life. I understand Bette’s suffering and agony because Tina was in such bad shape when she had to let her go. She has to trust that Tasha, Shane and Carmen are taking care of her and getting her off the drugs. They are both broken, but they were reunited before, I believe you will bring them back together again. I also hope Tina has something special planned for Aaron. He needs to suffer and be destroyed. Please come back soon. Like everyone else I hope Bette doesn’t get sexually involved with Candace. Alice is an ass, always thinking that all Bette’s problems can be solved by getting laid. She’s not a true friend, and maybe Tina should take care of her too. :-)

    7. SassyGran says


      Sorry I have to join the majority in being confused.

      I am finding the extreme anxiety over Tina and Bette too much.

      I find the slipping back and forth between timelines not enjoyable although I realise this builds tension in the story.

      I think the fact that we now have Candace entering the story the final straw especially as she would seem to be Bette’s Senior.

      I like Bette and Tina together fighting the odds not separated so I think I have found the Course just too Distant for me.


    8. Jane says

      Thank you to all who responded. I’m not the only confused person here and I won’t be following this story due to too many disconnects and loose ends. However I do appreciate the author’s efforts.

    9. Zhenya says

      Hmm. i see a discussion there. Than i must say that even if i confused in some parts of this chapter i’d like to read future chapters. So i’m hope author will continue this story.

    10. Angel1981 says

      Thank you for the chapter!

      Yeah, this part left many questions, but i hope we’ll have answers in future chapters.
      Second – like all i hope Bette have anough dignity not to sleep with first woman who approach her – Candance.
      And the last – Alice is totally jerk. And i don’t understand how Bette keep her friendship with such person.
      Waiting for the next!

    11. Silentreader says

      Happy to see an update.
      I havent finished reading it..and wondering what happened with Tina after FBI attacked, hope you didnt kill her tho…lol
      Anyway..thanks for keeping up with the story

      • Silentreader says

        Finally finished reading it..
        I see lot of people felt confuse ..
        But i have to say i enjoy every moment reading your update..
        I think you try to build a thriller story with some riddles in it..leaving a small amount of trails here and there..
        Rise up the tense, very intriguing
        Made us wondering what had happened with Tina after the attack, where did she go, why she stayed away from Bette, would she be okay, what would happened next, how she would be able to come back into bette’s life without everyone knows who she was, how she could pass all the trauma from her past life..
        And agreed with everyone..scratched the idea of bette have any intimacy with candace please…i dont know what did bette see in her could be compare with tina in the first place..
        Please continue this story, no matter how much headache you would get from setting the plot.. lol

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