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    The Most Distant Course

    “No, seriously, you did everything she said, and technically she’s manipulating almost everything in your relationship,” Alice says in a serious tone, which makes Bette slightly raises her eyebrows.

    She couldn’t remember when was the last time Alice say something meaningful…but whatever, right?

    The detective shrugs. “Well, clearly not everything, I did choose my breakfast.”

    “Hey, baby, I bought you bagels and fresh squeezed OJ.”

    Alice smirks and folds her arms in front of her chest, the rest of the gangs including Bette frown instantly. What the fuck?

    “I thought my order was waffles and coffee.” The detective says coldly.

    “Well, you have a night shift these past few days and there will be plenty of coffee, so now, in order to keep you more energetic, you should receive some vitamin C.”

    Bette bites her inner cheek, swallowing down all the swear words that almost burst out her mouth.

    “Candace,” Bette acclaims her girlfriends’ name slowly and clearly. “I appreciate your concern, but for today, I really like to have waffles for my breakfast, I ate bagels when I am working, and coffee is my daily routine, today it’s weekend, I really like to try something different than others, so could you please reorder my breakfast.”

    Candace seems disappointed by Bette’s reaction, her face crushes down.

    “I’m just concerned about your health, honey, you know your sisters’ OJ is the best in the WH, and I’ve already ordered it, what did you want me to do with this? Throw it away?”

    “I believe that’s an option.”

    “But that’s wasting food; do you know how many people are starving now?”

    “I’m sure they don’t want bagels.”

    The gang looks side to side like watching a tennis game for this oral battle, they are way too familiar with this scene. Almost whenever the couple walks in, sooner or later they will start an endless quarrel.

    “Why do you have to help me make a choice? I am a grown woman; I can make my own decision.”

    “You are a grown woman, but you don’t know how to take care of yourself.”

    Alice, Dana, Tasha, Lara, and Kit are all amused by these two people when they argue, they seem don’t even realize there is a bunch of the audience watching their performance, and paying all the attention to them. Dana and Tasha even tear their bread into pieces pretending they are eating popcorn.


    1. Bibi28 says

      Hi CJ,

      That was a amazing chapter and you used a lot familiar scenes!

      They truly belong together!

      I fear for what Candace will do to them as revenge, but i have fate in you and them to overcome that as well and come out stronger.

      I will be glad when you get rid of Candace, i don’t trust her, she is creepy and makes my skin tighten and my body shutter and not in a good way.

      If Bette & Tina will work and fight as a couple together against the bad guys i have faith that in the end they are finally able to life in peace and harmony together with Noah.

      Waiting patiently for the next chapter!!!

    2. Zhenya says

      But most part i don’t like Bette in this story at all – she always too weak, too dumb, she always beta in all her relationship. I’m sorry but this Bette just can’t be a good cop, she can’t even protect herself.

    3. JBLH says

      Great chapter and I totally agree with everything Bibi28 said!

      I personally think that Bette has always been in a tricky situation in this story especially now. If you think about it Bette has never really been able to be upfront and honest about her relationship with Tina and will always have to keep the biggest parts of her life hidden. That’s never easy to deal with. I’m curious to see how they’ll be able to have a real relationship without any burdens after all that they’ve been through and with Tina in hiding!

      Anyways can’t wait to see what trouble Candace tries to bring because we know her time is almost up anyways ;)


    4. proteonomics says

      Hi, CJ

      Great story as always, as some of the others, I think that is very good TIBETTE are again together.

      I think that Candace is a little bit of a problem and Bette has to break with her, she can’t be as in the show (TLW) were she almost couldn’t manage her situation with Jodi (in the show) and it was hard to break with her, here I think is up to you make her stronger and better.

      But what really scared me is Fey Buckley, she is a senator and she is powerful and that is a person that Bette and Tina should be afraid of.

      Thanks again for the chapter and please post soon.


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