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    The Most Distant Course

    “Psss…Lara?” Alice softly elbows the red hair who is sitting next to her.

    “What? What?” Lara says impatiently while sipping her black tea, doesn’t want to miss a second of the fight.

    “How long?”

    Lara steals a glance at her girlfriend’s sport watch. “Approximately ten minutes.”

    “Hmm.” Alice nods, pulling out a pen from her pocket and writes something in the notebook that she always carrying around. “Ten minutes, over three minutes than the best record.”

    Finally, Bette raises her both hands in the air.

    “I’m done.” She says angrily and slaps her hands onto her laps. “You know what, do whatever you want cause I am going to buy myself a new breakfast, if you like a bagel and OJ so much, go ahead, finish them cause I won’t touch them.”

    “Fine.” Candace also says, she angrily grabs the bagel and her bag.

    Bette sighs. “Candace, where are you going?”

    “I suddenly lost my appetite; you go and have fun with others.”

    “Can, come on…” Bette shakes her head. “You’re being ridiculous.”

    “Oh, now I’m the bad guy?”

    Bette rolls her eyes. “There are no good or bad guys, Candace, don’t misinterpret my words.”

    Kit cannot take it any longer.

    “Candace, please, calm your mind and sit down.”

    “Thank you, Kit, but I am leaving.”

    The captain storms out the Planet her girlfriend quickly follows her behind.

    “Can, Candace…Candace!” The detective finally grabs Candace’s arm, but the captain yanked her away. “What the hell? A few weeks ago we were alright, what happened to you?”

    “What happened to me?” Candace makes an ironic laugh. “You have the damn nerve to ask what happen to me, why don’t you ask yourself? Huh? Ask yourself what this relationship meant to you.”

    “What?” Bette frowns in confusion.

    Candace gives Bette a deadly glare, she opens her car door and slams it loudly, leaving a very confused Bette at the Planet’s parking lot.

    Before she drives away, she lowers the car window.

    “I love you, Bette…” Candace closes her eyes to calm her emotions. “And you’ve said that you love me back, but…I could never see it through your eyes, I never feel it, no matter how hard I try…then suddenly one day, when you came back home, I saw it”


    1. Bibi28 says

      Hi CJ,

      That was a amazing chapter and you used a lot familiar scenes!

      They truly belong together!

      I fear for what Candace will do to them as revenge, but i have fate in you and them to overcome that as well and come out stronger.

      I will be glad when you get rid of Candace, i don’t trust her, she is creepy and makes my skin tighten and my body shutter and not in a good way.

      If Bette & Tina will work and fight as a couple together against the bad guys i have faith that in the end they are finally able to life in peace and harmony together with Noah.

      Waiting patiently for the next chapter!!!

    2. Zhenya says

      But most part i don’t like Bette in this story at all – she always too weak, too dumb, she always beta in all her relationship. I’m sorry but this Bette just can’t be a good cop, she can’t even protect herself.

    3. JBLH says

      Great chapter and I totally agree with everything Bibi28 said!

      I personally think that Bette has always been in a tricky situation in this story especially now. If you think about it Bette has never really been able to be upfront and honest about her relationship with Tina and will always have to keep the biggest parts of her life hidden. That’s never easy to deal with. I’m curious to see how they’ll be able to have a real relationship without any burdens after all that they’ve been through and with Tina in hiding!

      Anyways can’t wait to see what trouble Candace tries to bring because we know her time is almost up anyways ;)


    4. proteonomics says

      Hi, CJ

      Great story as always, as some of the others, I think that is very good TIBETTE are again together.

      I think that Candace is a little bit of a problem and Bette has to break with her, she can’t be as in the show (TLW) were she almost couldn’t manage her situation with Jodi (in the show) and it was hard to break with her, here I think is up to you make her stronger and better.

      But what really scared me is Fey Buckley, she is a senator and she is powerful and that is a person that Bette and Tina should be afraid of.

      Thanks again for the chapter and please post soon.


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