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    The Most Distant Course

    “Wow,” The woman blows a whistle, she looks at the paper around her and she puts the pen down. “I think then that’s it.”

    Tina smiles again, she quickly writes down some notes on her notebook, making sure that nothing else is left behind and there is no more demand. 

    “You have a meeting before the interview starts, if it’s alright, I’ll reschedule the staff meeting to the afternoon and move your daily check to two p.m, you still have a two-hour break before that.”

    “That…” The brunette burst out a small laugh. “… will be very lovely, thank you.”

    “Pleasure is all mine.” Tina smiles. “If there’s no other thing, I’ll go back to my work.”

    “You know what…” The woman slowly sits straight. “Cancel my next meeting; I want to be alone until the daily check this afternoon.”

    Tina again quickly writes down the note.

    “Will do, anything else?”

    “Do you want to join the lunch with me?”

    Tina blinks a few times, making sure she doesn’t hear wrong. 

    Well, that’s absurd. 

    The brunette doesn’t seem to notice the blonde secretary’s discomfort, she’s eager to wait for Tina’s response.

    “Oh…um…I’m really flattered, but I have to finish the proposal and send it to the LAPD, I’m afraid I have to take a rain check.”

    Her boss, the woman seems a bit sad when she heard that, it is not obvious to find that this woman is so grateful that she hired this blondie as her secretary. Maybe she’s a bit young for this position and she said that she’s never done this job before, but without a doubt, she is the most perfect selection of all time. 

    Thank god that the brunette didn’t reject her after seeing her resume, so normal and nothing special, no outstanding achievement, not even graduated from high school, no certificate in any postgraduate school, only had a few years’ experiences in multinational corporations, worked part-time jobs as a waitress and cleaner, but none of them last for a year…If the selection was based on the information on the resume, Tina Kennard certainly would be the last choice among all. Not until the job interview, somehow this woman caught the brunette’s eyes, at first sight, made her decide to give this blondie a chance.


    1. Zhenya says

      I hope Alice not recognizing Tina, when they meet, because if she do – it will be a problem.

      Ok, so Backey and Aaron only one who’s left – interesting will be read how Tibette handling with them

    2. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ:

      Happy birthday again, my friend. 🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁

      The picture you put here is not only a gift to yourself but for many of us; happy times that perhaps won’t come back. 😥😥😔😔

      Excellent chapter, Tina and Bette are a wonderful couple again. I like very much how protective is Bette for her girlfriend and lover.

      Tina is in a hard place, her boss Kate is interested in her and of course, she is not, but who knows how Kate could react.

      Buckley and Aaron, that is a dangerous alliance against Tina, and Bette; because Buckley may have more than one reason to hurt Bette and even being a stupid, Aaron will want to do anything in his power to smash Tina and his former undercovered spy in the Cooper empire. I’m wondering if James is doing something to help Tina.

      Nice story, CJ, it is getting exciting.

      Thanks for this wonderful chapter again.


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