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    The Most Distant Course



    California, LA, Lake Hughes, Peabody property.

    “Such a waste of a good prison, there’s no Shane McCutcheon in it but rather is filled with manual landmines. It’s just an empty jail with no one inside, the bombs…which have connected to the signal receiver, only needs the detonator in the other room, one of Aaron’s man will be there to press the button…As soon as Justine Cooper’s people fall into my trap, I won’t give them a second chance to survive.”

    Faye Buckley makes a hand gesture.

    “Boom, everything burns.”

    Peggy Peabody closes her eyes.

    “Mother, you didn’t say there were mines.” Candace asks worryingly.

    “Because you could not know about this matter.” Faye replies coldly.

    “She certainly could not let you know.” Peggy cuts in, her voice is as cold as ice. “Because in her heart, she doesn’t care in the least about the people in that prison, perhaps you are still concerned about your colleagues. These people chose you to be the senator of California, they trusted you that you can make something different to the society, they listened to you, worked for you, regarded you as the leader. But when you press the button, you care about nothing for where those officers are! You simply care about nothing…that most police officers may be standing by the door at that moment!”




    Teaser for next chapter

    But Faye Buckley knew, Aaron knew, even Candace knew, a bunch of rebels had broken into the Police Department, brought a huge mess and left without leaving any evidence.

    The expression on Faye Buckley becomes more and more serious.

    Also sensing the weirdness, Candace looks at the elder woman.


    “What happened? Why is it this quiet?” Faye Buckley asks.

    “Ma’am, my apology, but the situation wasn’t as the way we planned.”

    “What do you mean not the way we planned? Where are they?” Candace asks eagerly.


    “If you don’t mind, can we do it now?”

    Bette raises her eyebrows with surprise. 

    “You mean like…right here? Asking you to marry me?”

    Tina nods, she bites her lower lips, playing with her fingers cause she’s so nervous. Yet who wouldn’t? 

    Seeing the brunette says nothing and the reaction, Tina swallows hard, a few seconds of hesitation tells enough. 


    1. Hi CJ,

      First, good luck tomorrow!!!!

      You torture me with all those complex mind games!

      Faye knew all along what they planned? She is as smart as Tina it seems, but after reading your teaser, Tina was smarter. I assume nobody got hurt and the trap didn’t work out like Faye set up. But Shane is still somewhere held captive in a prison?

      I am shocked that Faye would let so many people die just to try to catch Tina (Justine) I hope Candace’s eyes are wide opened about her mothers cold, harsh, unfeeling and cold behaviour and actions to those who serve her. She is one evil bitch who deserve to be beaten down and exposed by Tina, Bette and all others who help Tibette’s fight against her and Aaron.

      So Faye was married to Marina and had two kids that Marina took care of and left with their son and they both passed away? How do we know for certain their son died due to a disease and if he is still alive, could it be that he is one of the good guys that help to bring down Faye?

      And i am so looking forward to the second teaser?! Tina who asked Bette to pop the question to marry her right here and now and Tina swallows hard, a few seconds of hesitation tells enough????!!!!

      CJ, i am glad you posted the chapter now and not tomorrow, i wouldn’t have be able to read it this weekend due to work.

      Good luck tomorrow!!!

    2. This is a good chapter….more information and more intrigue. Now, lets get Shane rescued and back with Carmen and their daughter. Lets get Tina healthy and out of the land of criminality and lets give all those bad guys like Faye Buckley and Aaron Kornbluth what they deserve. Excited to see what happens next….

    3. Hi CJ:

      Great chapter, now things look scary; Tina doesn’t know Buckley’s plans about Shane, but Peggy knows and I trust she will tell Tina.

      Bette is still in the dog’s house, she should apologize no Tina.

      I hope that the high experience of Marcus and his men (and woman, if we count Tasha) allow them to prevent a tragedy (and according to the teaser, it could happen).

      I hope Candace realizes what kind of person is her mother.

      Yes, I know some former lesbians that for unknown reasons change into homosexual’s haters, I see that this Buckley is one of those cases.

      CJ, I know you are very good at that sport (your background talks for you), I have no doubt that you’ll do fine, but anyway, good luck, my friend.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter, and please post soon.


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