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    The Real Tibette Watch Gen Q – Episode 2

    ‘Is she really gonna flush that ring?’ Tina asked.

    ‘I hope so,’ Bette replied.


    ‘Because it’s ugly.’


    ‘Honey, I’d flush that ring even if the wedding actually happened.’


    And then Fake Alice is surprised to discover her publisher has sent someone to help her with her book.

    ‘I don’t know how she can be surprised by that,’ Tina said, topping off her and Bette’s glasses. ‘Fake Alice has worked in the media for decades. She probably knows a ton of ghostwriters and script doctors. Crazy.’

    Next, Fake Bette was on screen in a very nice leather jacket.

    ‘You think that’s pleather?’ Bette asked.

    ‘I doubt it. This show spends way more on wardrobe than it does on writing.’


    ‘Okay, stop,’ Bette said a little later, looking for the remote, which had slipped behind them on the sofa. ‘Stop, stop, we have to stop . . . I can’t . . .’

    Tina found the remote and hit pause. ‘You okay?’ she asked, a playful little smile on her face.

    ‘This is embarrassing,’ Bette said quietly, avoiding the TV and lightly stroking herself between the eyes.

    ‘Really?’ Tina looked at the screen, where Fake Bette was biting Gigi’s tongue. ‘I think it’s kinda nice. A sexy older woman making love? How often do you see that on TV? Two women of colour, too.’

    ‘Yes,’ Bette said, ‘but that’s all what it looks like. What about what it actually is?’

    Tina stared at Bette, thinking as she held her glass against her throat, to get the cooling sensation on her skin. ‘What is it?’ she asked.

    ‘To me, it’s a failure.’ Bette’s eyes were dark with intensity. ‘Fake Bette isn’t in love with Gigi. And she won’t feel better after this, she’ll feel worse, because she’s still going to want Fake Tina and Fake Tina is still going to be engaged to Carrie.’

    ‘Okay,’ Tina said, ‘but this is TV. It’s a visual medium. We don’t know what’s in their heads, we only know what they’re doing, and to me what they’re doing looks fine.’ Bette looked sceptical. ‘Also, what’s her alternative? You said it yourself, Fake Tina is still engaged to Carrie so what’s Fake Bette supposed to do? She’s single, Gigi’s ready to mingle . . .’


    1. Fantastic Largo. Please keep doing this, it may be the only thing that motivates me to watch the show.

      ‘Not now, Sol,’ Bette said, nevertheless stroking the dog’s head as she kept her eyes on the screen. ‘Got horseshit to listen to . — my favorite line, horseshit to listen to. Bwahahaha!

      Love. It.


      • Hello BK, my friend! Sorry I’m a bit late replying but know that I could not be more delighted than to see that you’ve read this and you like it. :-)

        I am enjoying writing these and it is certainly helping me to process what is happening on the show. If it helps others and gives folk a smile, I will be over the moon!

        Thank you, as ever, for your support and I hope to read more from you soon!

    2. Thanks for the second part!

      “‘Oh, I know it was domination. But it looked more like when I’m trying to get Solly to take his worm medicine.’” = :)

      But if serious all this Bette and Gigi line so rushed and so clinging that i think they wrote it only to attract male audience – like soft porno without deep meaning.

      • Hello Zhenya! Thank you so much for reading the second part and I’m very glad you liked my wee joke about that sex scene…. lol

        The Gibette storyline is rushed, I agree, and if you’re right about the show’s motives then I’d have to say they’ve succeeded because the scene has attracted a lot of attention.

        Thank you for reading and commenting, my friend. It is much appreciated.

    3. The Real Bette has you. This little literary experiment of yours shows what a phenomenal writer you are. Such a simple premise yet you have managed to turn this into an incredibly moving story. I absolutely love it. And cannot wait for the next installment.

      • Billy, this is such a sweet comment. Thank you so much. I know how much Bette means to you, and you are right – like you, I am always in her corner!

        I’m glad you like the premise. It’s not at all the kind of thing I usually invent, but I realised it could be a way to help me process The Show, so I went for it. Really delighted to have you along for the ride.

        Stay well & thanks again

    4. Largo,

      This is a marvelous post. Very witty & clever.

      Agree with BK about the ‘horseshit’ – so true & sad to think that’s what we are getting this season.

      I much prefer your version.

      Anxiously awaiting your take on episode 3!!!

      Thank you for sharing.

      • Hiya Collins! I’m so pleased you have time to read this and to comment. :-)

        There is a lot going on on the show, most of it bad, so it’s hard sometimes to know what to have the Real Tibette comment on, without just turning the whole story into a tirade, lol

        Thanks for all your support and friendship, as ever

      • Hi Bibi! Great to see you here, my friend. :-)

        Thank you so much for reading these and for commenting. I’m glad you find it fun, as do I. More to come soon!

        Take care

    5. LadyL!!
      NO one has better banter than Tibette!!! And you and your fab Authors o FanFiction drop the mic from on high!!! Kissy face emojis would do nicely here . . .

      Oh what joy we’re having knowing a weekly synopsis of GenQ can be had here!!

      Unhand my remote for the gladiator games . . . I will be ENTERTAINED!!!!

      • Lol, Dumplin! Brilliant comment, thank you. I will try my best to keep up the standard and serve up a wee palate cleanser for Tibetters. Agh, we need it!

        Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm. It means a lot, my friend. :-)

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