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    The Roommates – Pride & Prejudice: Chapter 9

    The young woman was seated on a bench in the middle of the room, her shoulders hunched over. Expensive designer clothes draped from her thin frame as if she were a hanger to merely display the items and though Bette could only see the back of the woman’s head, the owner of the drooping shoulders appeared transfixed by the painting on the wall before her.

    Bette’s long legs carried her quickly to the figure in black on the bench and she walked around to meet the copper eyes she’d known for a very short time. Dark brown eyes danced nervously to meet the light brown ones of Debbie Lawrence and though Bette was standing before her, Damon’s sister failed to notice.

    The tall, sun-bronzed young woman cleared her throat and said, “Are you studying for an exam?”

    Long, protective lashes blinked slowly over the copper irises as the somber Debbie Lawrence recognized the suit-clad beauty in her line of sight. “Bette. Hi.” Those words were followed by a short and polite smile that Bette returned.

    “Hi to you. Welcome to The Met.”


    “You’re here in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. I thought work kept you busy.”

    Debbie shrugged. “It’s still busy. I just needed a break. I was being to feel as if I might explode so I thought maybe coming here would let my mind escape.”

    “Is it working?” asked Bette.

    The older woman sighed and turned her attention back to the painting. It was an abstract by Osnat Tzadok, a mixture of deep reds and penetrating blacks that flowed to a mixture of brown and tan hues. The piece was titled “Sunrise on Mars” as Bette followed Debbie’s gaze to the painting, she was drawn to the powerful strokes and subtle technique. Without realizing it, she sat down beside her companion in awe.

    “Not really. What am I supposed to see in this sunrise? What message does it convey?”

    “Art is all about interpretation. Especially abstract pieces. Their meanings are infinite. You and I could look at the same piece and see something completely different.”

    “That’s very different from the world I live in. Numbers are black and white. You can manipulate them any way you want, but the numbers are the numbers,” Debbie replied.


    1. I have read all the chapters from start to finish. I know this was eleven years in the making. It was a very good story line however, your ending was rather abrupt and incomplete. Is Bette dying here? Or will she make a recovery and go on with her life with Tina? Although it appears to be serious it could be easily treated and just a bump in the weekend for Bette and Tina.

      I appreciate your putting this chapter out. I very much would like to see the story continue to a more natural ending such as to wedding of Bette and Tina or to a break-up which they believe is where they want to be or where ever you believe the story will go. But to leave your reader at the entry of the hospital with Bette in a crisis mode and with Tina standing there seeing her lover in pain and agony? The end?

      Your writing is very good. I hope you will do more and more often. Thank you for your efforts.

      • Martha, it’s the third part of Roommates. Like i understand it’s the end only of this part, but author wrote about that this story will continue in next part – “The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019”

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