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    The Roommates – Pride & Prejudice: Chapter 9

    “I love this piece.”

    With her eyes still focused on the sunrise, Debbie said “You look very different.”

    “This is ‘Work Bette’. You saw ‘Hang Out Bette’. Part of my job function is to literally be eye candy and showcase the sophistication of this place. My wardrobe is in my performance evaluation.”


    “Yes. I’m very serious.”

    Debbie sighed, “Why is this a sunrise, again? I mean, where is the sun?”

    “It’s Mars. Keep that in mind.”

    “Yet another task I am unable to complete. Something else I am unable to conquer,” she whispered, her eyes tearing, the shiny copper pools still focused on the sunrise.

    “Are you okay?” asked Bette.

    “I’ve been better.”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “How pathetic would that be? Telling my sorrows to someone I practically know. And a college freshman at that.” Debbie replied.

    “Correction, college sophomore. And if you count all of my advanced credits, I’m practically a junior. Does that help?”

    “Not really.”

    There was something about Debbie Lawrence that made Bette want to help. “Try me. I’m a really good listener. Advanced for my young age.”

    Debbie sighed then and began to speak softly, training her gaze away from Bette and back to the abstract sunrise. “Yesterday was my father’s birthday.”

    Bette nodded and her well-dressed companion continued.

    “He loves the Chicago Bears and he loves to watch them play but he doesn’t have a lot of money. He’s never had a lot of money and I know he’d give his right arm for season tickets. I bought him season tickets. Had them sent to arrive yesterday, along with a Hummer limo to take him and his 5 best friends to the first game of the season. I even sent a check card for $150 so that he’d have spending money.

    “And this morning, I checked with the company to see if my gifts had arrived. They hadn’t. When I inquired with the service about what the mix-up was, they assured me there was no mix-up. My gifts had been returned by the recipient. He didn’t want them because they came from me.”

    The tears standing in Debbie’s eyes began to slip down her coffee-with cream skin and Bette was at a loss.


    1. I have read all the chapters from start to finish. I know this was eleven years in the making. It was a very good story line however, your ending was rather abrupt and incomplete. Is Bette dying here? Or will she make a recovery and go on with her life with Tina? Although it appears to be serious it could be easily treated and just a bump in the weekend for Bette and Tina.

      I appreciate your putting this chapter out. I very much would like to see the story continue to a more natural ending such as to wedding of Bette and Tina or to a break-up which they believe is where they want to be or where ever you believe the story will go. But to leave your reader at the entry of the hospital with Bette in a crisis mode and with Tina standing there seeing her lover in pain and agony? The end?

      Your writing is very good. I hope you will do more and more often. Thank you for your efforts.

      • Martha, it’s the third part of Roommates. Like i understand it’s the end only of this part, but author wrote about that this story will continue in next part – “The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019”

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