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    The Shipwreck

    “You, smartass, are the one that got us in this mess” he started walking behind me.

    “Why don’t you shut up? At least for once in your life!”

    There we were fighting like two children just because I rejected him a couple of months before.

    “That’s why you never found a man who was willed to be with you!”

    Oh, he had struck a nerve.

    “You are a–” I split the sentence in two while kicking him in his left shin. “Asshole!”

    He let out a growl and started jumping on one foot from the pain, “You are so going to pay for this!” he looked like a caged animal. Then grabbed me and started carrying me on his shoulder.

    “Put me down!” he carried on. “I said put me down!” still nothing, he kept walking.


    This time he stopped in his track. “Did you hear that?”

    “What?” I was still hanging from his shoulder. Suddenly we heard something similar to a roar coming from the distance. I couldn’t really make out the sound, it was muffled. In a blink of an eye Henry let me fall and started running for his dear life.

    “Henry! Where are you going?”

    And there I was again, with my butt on the ground. I got up and silently cursed the useless man that just left me there, with who knows what kind of wild beast nearby. The noise made while arguing with the captain covered the sound of the falls coming from the surface; I thought that maybe by following it I would have been able to find a way back to the others. Trying to sharpen my hearing sense, I followed the noises. By that moment, the roar had disappeared, but I couldn’t know if that was for sure. Afraid of the fact that at any moment I was probably going to face the monster that some minutes before made that scary call, I moved at a brisk pace, but trying not to make any abrupt movement. I came to an interchange, and decided to continue by taking the right tunnel. I took some steps ahead and the place I found was Heaven! It was a natural room, with stalactite and stalagmites all around, but the most beautiful thing was that the vegetation that was on surface, prolonged down there, where I was. So captured, just like when I saw the temple, I didn’t notice the person behind me. Suddenly I felt a hand on my mouth which kept me from screaming. Someone pushed me aside, behind a big rock. The movement was fast, and hard.

    I forcibly pushed the hand away from my mouth, thinking it was Henry. “Will you stop being such a moron?” I turned around. But I was soon met by two brown, deep eyes. “Oh, God!”

    Scared, I fell backward, slamming against the rock. “Oh, God!” I repeated. I had no way out. The little space we were in made it impossible to even dodge a punch. And that’s what I was expecting from that human being, a woman, dressed in what looked like shreds of animal skin. Her curly hair barely covered her shoulders.

    “Santiphap” the woman in front of me uttered. She seemed emotionless, curious maybe. What was she trying to say?

    “Oh, my God!” those were the only words coming from my mouth. That’s what you do when you are close to death, right? You call out for God.

    “Santiphap” that word again. And again, “Santiphap” she moved forward.

    “Oh, please don’t hurt me!” I covered my face with my hands. Nothing. I only moved my fingers to take a look to what was going on. And her face was there, just a few inches from mine. I kind of felt like hypnotized, she had a strange pull. She quickly moved her arm and touched mine. I immediately jerked and let out a scream that made all the underground tremble. She got scared as well, and stepped behind. But she kept staring at me, and her look turned somehow into a plea.

    “Santiphap! Santiphap!” she was saying it frenetically, now. She bent to the left to pick up something, a little rock. And oh, my God the thought of me dead in any minutes, with my head crushed by that rock appeared vivid into my mind. But, instead, she kept saying that word and flaunting the rock in the air.

    “What the hell is Santiphap?” I screamed. She stopped. We stared at each other. A noise coming from the bushes near alerted the woman, who without even acknowledging me anymore, ran away.

    “Here you are!”

    It was Henry.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      Long or short chapters – i like them all, main point – they exist.

      And Henry – such a “man”, especially when he running away.

      Bette in animal skin – nice)

    2. Hi Bette0Porter:

      This is a wonderful chapter, I think the size is okay, and I see that, like me, you also like the cliffhangers.

      Very interesting, so apparently Bette is a native and probably religious person, you let me intrigued with the native word, but I guess we’ll find out in the next chapters.

      Great, all the bunch of losers (Eric, Aaron, Josh, Henry) is in the crew, that is going to be funny.

      I hope Bette is not alone on that island; anyway, we’ll find out soon.

      Thanks for this kind gift, two chapters in one week. Please post soon.


    3. Hi,
      I’ll accept any size Chapters just so long as they come regularly and are as good as these:-)

      Cliffhangers! Not a lover but will accept if the posts are regular :-)

      Think I’m going to like this Story :-) please post again soon.


    4. Long or short chapters, i don’t care as long you post regularly!

      You brought in all those useless man in the story, gonna be fun to read.

      Henry is such a loser, throwing Tina on her ass when he is scared, such a alpha man 😁

      Bette in animal clothes, that is what i want to see 😍

      I enjoy this story a lot and look forward to the next chapter!!!

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