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    The Silent Treatment

    Bette’s Journal Entry #5
    I need to clear my head but I have so many meetings and things that
    need to be done at the Gallery. Maybe I’ll go for a long hike this weekend.
    I need to hug a fucking tree.

    Tina’s Journal Entry #4
    Bette was gone when I got back. I was glad because I didn’t want to face her
    but I was also sad because if she left before I got back that means she didn’t
    want to face me either. She only ate half a scone. At least that was something.
    I ate the other half. That’s what we used to do. I wonder if she
    left that half for me? I didn’t care. I just wanted my mouth on
    the same place her mouth had been. I’m ridiculous.


    Bette had been in a mood since she arrived at the gallery. James knew it was a “Tina” mood. Bette had been having a lot of those for months. He was used to them at this point. However, today, she seemed a little more on edge.

    “Yes, Bette?” James said out of breath.

    He sprinted down the hall. He did not want her to have to call for him more than once.

    “Did you send KiKi the proposal about Forgiveness ?

    “Yes. She received it on Wednesday.”

    “Any word back?”

    Bette looked annoyed.

    “Not yet. I was going to circle back to her on Monday.”

    Bette raised her eyebrows.

    “Or I could reach out to her today…”

    “Good plan,” Bette rolled her eyes.

    Bette knew she was taking her frustrations with Tina and therapy out on James. However, he was still in the dog house from his involvement in the Balloon Festival scandal. Bette made a mental note to find out what Alice had on James to blackmail him in the first place.

    James didn’t respond to Bette’s snarkiness. He never did.

    “Franklin called this morning. He would like to meet with you next week.”

    Bette’s eyes got big. And then they slanted into disgust.

    “For fuck’s sake!! What for?”

    “He wants to talk to you about Mark Bradford’s upcoming show.”

    Bette rolled her eyes.

    “There’s nothing to discuss.”

    “I told him that but he was insistent.”

    Bette exhaled. She thought about it. Fucking with Franklin might just be the therapy she needed at this moment.


    1. Of course, I loved the chapter but these two need to stop with the assuming and second guessing. I’m usually all over Alice for sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, but I am with her on this one. I know we can’t just snap our fingers and voila they are magically back together. They need to work at it and hard, through all the hurt feelings and anger. They need to get their stuff together and shit or get off the pot. Post soon my friend.

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