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    The Silent Treatment

    “Schedule it for next Friday. Late afternoon.”

    James eyed her.

    “You heard me.”

    James nodded.

    Poor Franklin , James thought.

    “Have you gathered all the receipts from KiKi’s opening, the Artist Dinner and her travel?”

    “Most of them. Still waiting on a couple.”

    “That is your top priority, James. I want to get the financials squared away before I…umm…we start working on Mark’s show.”

    James nodded and scurried away. Bette was still considering whether or not she was going to allow James to take the lead on Mark’s show. He’d earned it. But he had also lied to her.

    Bette rolled her eyes for the hundredth time today.

    Her thoughts turned to Julia. Bette hadn’t decided how she felt about her just yet. She seemed capable enough. Bette stared at the wall and replayed the therapy session in her head. It was fucking hideous on so many levels.

    Bette’s Journal Entry #6
    I abhor therapy. But if this will give me my life back,
    I will do my best to be open. It’s hard though because
    I have put up these massive walls. I don’t know if they can
    be knocked down…again.

    Bette slammed her journal shut and then opened it back up again.

    Bette’s Journal Entry #7
    Tina resents me. What the fuck am I supposed to do with
    that information?? What the fuck does she want from me?!


    Tina’s Journal Entry #5
    I must look awful because Kit gave me the longest hug when
    I got to The Planet. I missed Kit so much. I need to spend
    more time with her. I wonder if Bette will be okay with that. 

    “So, what? You’re not supposed to talk to Bette?” Kit frowned

    “Not verbally.”

    “I don’t understand how that is supposed to help you two get back together,” Kit shook her head and walked away.

    “What does that mean?” Alice chimed in.

    “You know how Bette and I used to communicate without words?”

    Alice nodded.

    “Yeah. That was always so freaky.”

    Tina laughed.

    “So, this is supposed to get us to reconnect. To try to get that bond back.”

    “Huh. Sounds like torture.”

    “That’s because you have a big mouth, Al?”


    Tina nudged Alice.

    “So, when did all of this start?”

    “Yesterday, after our therapy session.”

    “Oh yeah. How was that?”


    1. Of course, I loved the chapter but these two need to stop with the assuming and second guessing. I’m usually all over Alice for sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, but I am with her on this one. I know we can’t just snap our fingers and voila they are magically back together. They need to work at it and hard, through all the hurt feelings and anger. They need to get their stuff together and shit or get off the pot. Post soon my friend.

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