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    this morning

    Tina brought the back of her hand to her mouth and then pushed damp hair off of her forehead. Bette started to giggle.

    Tina opened her eyes and looked at her lover. “What’s so funny?”

    “This was quite a way to say good morning.”

    Tina rolled onto her side and wrapped her leg around Bette’s. She lifted her head and kissed Bette’s lips. “Good morning, beautiful.”

    Tina could see the look of utter adoration in Bette’s telling orbs. She ran her finger along Bette’s jawline and down her throat. “I really do miss you.”

    Tina felt that every chapter of their lives together began or ended in the tenderness of their physical touch. It wasn’t just a sexual connection for Tina (even though she was aware she was behaving that way this morning) but it was more of a sensuous bond that could never be broken.

    Bette didn’t respond. She just wanted to enjoy the moment of Tina’s fingertips gently caressing her body in this euphoric bliss. She wanted to pretend Tina was actually hers, here to stay. Better yet she wanted it to be that she had never left.

    As if answering the twinge in Bette’s heart, Tina rolled atop of her and peppered her chest with soft kisses. The nips of Tina’s lips against the supple skin was the only sound in the room.

    Tina looked up as Bette ran her fingers through her golden hair.

    “Are you okay?” Tina moved over Bette, both women feeling the wanton desire still lingering in the other.

    Bette leaned up to kiss Tina. “Yes, but my back won’t be if we go again on this floor.”

    Tina helped Bette up before pushing their bodies together in a sensual embrace.

    “Do you want me to leave?”

    Bette moved her hands around Tina’s back and undid her bra, kissing her shoulder as she moved the straps down her toned arms.

    “Do you want to leave?” Bette asked between kisses.

    Without answering, Tina took Bette by the hand and led her to the bed they shared only a few years ago, sitting her down and straddling her lap. Bette’s hands traced over Tina’s body, lying back as Tina started to roll her hips. Her hands cupped the perfect breasts bouncing above her, squeezing them before tugging on the stiff nipples. Tina guided Bette’s hands further down her stomach before placing her own hands on her boobs. Bette grabbed Tina’s creamy hips, guiding them as her love ground against her pubic bone.

    “Fuck me babe. Now.”

    Bette slipped three fingers into Tina’s soaked center. Tina bounced, swayed, and moaned, riding Bette’s hand as Bette twisted her fingers inside of her.

    “Ahhh Bette, ohhh bab—”

    Bette expertly placed pressure against Tina’s throbbing clit adding to the intensity of the orgasm rushing through Tina.

    Tina threw her head back, seeing stars behind her eyelids. “Fuck me!” she squealed, feeling like her insides exploded when she crashed next to Bette on the bed.

    “Mmmm you’re so good at that, baby.”

    Bette wanted to blurt out I love you but she found it best to not say anything at all. Instead she nuzzled into Tina, clinging to her side, holding onto the last few minutes they would spend together that morning.

    Tina played with Bette’s hair while they both settled down and their breathing returned to normal.

    “Do you want to talk about this?”

    “Not now, Ti. Let me just have this morning.”


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