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    this morning

    “Ti, don’t stop. oh my god…. harder, Ti. Harder!”

    Part of Bette wanted Tina to hurt her, punish her for ever letting Tina go.

    Tina could feel herself getting close as she moved faster against Bette, her fingers digging into her ex’s hips. She watched her own breasts bounce in the red sheer bra she had bought just for Bette before letting her gaze slide across the mirror to where Bette’s bare breasts swung over the counter with every thrust of Tina’s hips. When Bette looked up and saw Tina watching her, a promiscuous smirk graced her lips and sent Tina over the edge. A guttural moan escaped from deep within her. She paused when her orgasm overtook her and pressed her breasts into Bette’s back. She spoke with a husky breath against Bette’s ear. “I miss fucking you, my pretty girl.”

    Bette was close to coming but she needed more of Tina. As the words ‘pretty girl’ left Tina’s mouth, Bette’s hips involuntarily jerked, prompting Tina to pump into her again. Harder and faster Tina rocked, her fingers making circles against Bette’s clit until Bette dropped her head between her arms and screamed Tina’s name.


    Tina kissed Bette’s shoulder as she pulled out of her, both women sweaty and breathless.

    As Tina removed the harness Bette swung around and grabbed the back of Tina’s head, smacking their mouths together. Bette kissed her fervently, forcing them down to the floor. Bette hovered over Tina, rocking back on her toes until their drenched pussies dipped against each other. She pressed their chests together, an in sync undulation of want and need. Tina broke the kiss with a gasp as Bette entered her with two fingers, curling inside with every thrust, her knee adding power to the push. Bette placed her hand under Tina’s head as she arced off the tile floor, her head slightly banging against it. She came within minutes, sucking Bette’s lip between her own as she groaned, her chest heaving, her hands grasping at Bette’s firm ass.

    Bette nestled in the crook of Tina’s neck, her mouth relishing in the sweet honey flavor of the blonde’s sweat before rolling off of her. The two of them lay sprawled out, naked in the doorway, breathing with the intensity of a 5k sprint.


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