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    this morning

    Bette’s knees gave out when Tina came back carrying a harness and the dildo Bette had recently bought. She swallowed the whimper that arose in her throat.

    “Glad you didn’t change our hiding spot.”

    Tina took off her pants slowly, angling her ass towards Bette as she bent over to step out of them. She fixed the harness over her thighs and moved closer to the brunette. She wrapped her arm around the slender waist, lacing her fingers through one of Bette’s hands, holding their bodies flush against each other, legs entwined between them, both women desperate for friction.

    “Did you buy this for me, baby?” Tina slid the dildo over Bette’s chest and between her breasts as she slowly made her way down their bodies.

    Bette bit Tina’s chin in response.

    “Mmmm, Ti. What are you doing to me?”

    “Do you not like it, pretty girl?” Tina asked coyly before taking Bette’s boob into her mouth and sucking her nipple with a pop.

    “I need…”

    “What baby? Tell me…”

    Bette’s answer came in gasps as Tina rubbed the toy between her legs, teasing at her entrance.

    “I need to feel you.” Bette’s brown eyes glazed over as she watched Tina attach the toy to the strap.

    Bette started to rub her own clit, gathering her juices to coat the toy that would soon be inside of her. She stroked it hard enough to give Tina pleasure as Tina continued her ministrations on Bette’s nipples.

    “Mmmmmbbbb, turn around…”

    Bette did as she was told, weak for the seductiveness oozing from Tina’s raspy voice. She bent slightly over the sink, facing the mirror, watching Tina’s head tilt, a lip bite full of want as her hand ran along the taller woman’s spine.

    When Tina finally stopped ogling Bette’s ass the two women made eye contact in the mirror. A noticeable fire burned between them, a heat that could melt glass. They continued their silent conversation as Tina slipped the toy inside of Bette. Both women sighed, Bette’s deepening into a low growl.

    Bette pushed back into Tina, wanting to hear Tina moan as well.

    Tina grabbed onto Bette’s hips and started to grind into her before she found their rhythm. The strap-on slipped in and out, Tina pulsing against it, fucking Bette with an intensity meant to chase lost time. As Bette’s moans got louder and her back started to arch with every thrust, Tina pulled the elastic out of the low ponytail and flared her fingers deep into Bette’s curls, pulling her head back with each slap.


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