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    Tibette Filler (Season 6 Episode 2)


    Bette closed her eyes, smiled and happily obliged, rocking her hips in rhythm with Tina’s fingers.  Their breathing was heavy and excited, settling into a perfect rhythm that caused the bed to start squeaking. “Ttttinnnaaa…” was all Bette could manage, her neck and back arched completely backward as she began approaching the first climax.


    “You’re so wet…” Tina smiled.  “I love the look of sex on your face.”  Tina kept her left hand in place but rolled off to the side so she could remove Bette’s skirt and panties.  She continued to slide in and out of Bette, changing the pace from slow to fast, fast to slow, teasing her all the time, knowing what it would take to send her over the edge and switching it up just before.  “Not yet, baby,” she said as she finally slipped the panties off Bette’s legs.  Somehow she had managed to remove her own bra and panties while pleasuring Bette moments before.  Suddenly Bette felt the warmth of Tina’s hand leave her for just a second, which caused her to open her eyes.  What she saw was breathtaking: Tina’s completely naked form descending on her body, matching breast to breast, and hot wet center to throbbing center.  Tina’s clit rested just on hers and she began rocking her hips back in forth, in little circles, letting out the sexiest moan Bette had ever heard.


    “Oh God, Tina!”  Bette grabbed onto Tina’s ass and pulled their hips together with just the right amount of pressure, making Tina smile from ear to ear.  Bette loved it when Tina fucked her this way, taking control and talking dirty.  She was so turned on.


    “Bette, you feel so good.  Oh my God, Bette!  I want to make you cum – cum with me baby I am about to lose it!” Just a moment later, “ Uhh.. ahhhhhhhh, Bette, Jesus,” and just like that Tina went over the edge, taking Bette with her.  They both rode the orgasm together for several seconds, Tina finally collapsing onto Bette’s strong arms in a sweaty heap of milky white flesh.  “I love you.  I love you so much, babe.”


    Bette savored the moment, enjoying the fact that Tina said it first.  “I love you, too Tina,” Bette replied.  “I’m so lucky to have you,” Bette breathed, echoing the words Tina had spoken to her years before.  She paused for just a second and then decided it was her turn to take control.  In one swift motion she rolled Tina over onto her back, propping herself up onto her elbows so she could gaze deeply into those gorgeous hazel eyes, which at the moment were full of contentment and affection.  Bette couldn’t get enough of Tina’s eyes – in fact Tina was able to say more with them than anyone else she knew on the planet.  It was one of the ways they communicated subtly that Tina had previously mentioned she missed so much.  That was when Bette was with Jodi, and even back then she could tell her heart was being drawn back to the familiar comfort of intimacy with Tina.

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    1. Yeah, sex scene in 6.02 is too short. But how i was glad when Tina get out from her awful dress in that part. And by the way – who is the hell choose attires for LH in s6 – because they were just ugly

    2. Oh WoW,

      So glad that i didn’t read this at work!!! That was hot!!!

      Their love scenes were to short on the show!

      I love how you are able to write about their deep love for each other, their connection!

      I didn’t like what they both wear that season, terrible!

      Christina, you are a gifted writer and i hope you will write so much more!

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