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    Tibette Filler (Season 6 Episode 2)


    And now she had her.  She was here in her arms, on her bed.  Bette did not want any more regrets.  Never again would she hurt the woman lying beneath her.  Never again.  She wanted to tell Tina all of this, all that was in her heart, so she decided to show her.  Bette leaned down for the most tender, slow, passionate, aching kiss of her life.  This kiss was not intended to take – it was meant to give, to communicate years of sorrow, regret, love, forgiveness, memory, longing, hurt, loneliness, and sweet reunion.


    Tina felt it, oh how she felt it.  There was something different about this one – Bette was telling her how she felt about her with each passing second, massaging her lips and tongue in a delicate dance.  And it was amazing, absolutely amazing.  Bette was making love to her with her mouth, saying all the things she needed and wanted to say but without words.  It took Tina’s breath away.  After about five minutes of a non-stop lip-lock, Tina was absolutely undone.  Bette pulled back to stare at her with those deep, chocolate brown eyes, a slight furrow on her brow.  She wanted to know if Tina understood, if she knew how deeply she felt about her and about their love.


    Wanting to reassure her, Tina whispered,” Yes Bette.  I know.” Pausing for a moment.  “I know.  It’s ok.”  She reached up to pull Bette in for another kiss, so tender and sensual, then increasing in urgency.  “I want you, Bette and only you.” God if there was a way she could go deeper, get even closer they would.  They pulled each other into such a tight embrace it seemed their bodies became one, all the while panting and breathing heavily.


    “God, Tina I want to taste you,” Bette breathed as she started to kiss a trail toward Tina’s center.  Tina exhaled her approval and cupped the back of Bette’s head is she made her way down… down… down…  She was aching to be touched by this woman, again and again.  No one could make her feel the way Bette Porter did.  Not even close.  She felt Bette’s warm breath against her inner thigh and had to gasp for air, the anticipation making her dizzy with excitement.


    “I love you,” Bette kissed one side of her thigh, “I love you,” then the other, “I love you,” then just beneath her folds, “I love you,” the other side, “I love you,” plunging her tongue into Tina’s pink opening with wild passion.


    “Oh my Godddd!!!” Tina groaned.   She arched her back and writhed with pleasure and the feeling of Bette’s warm tongue twisting and licking inside of her.  “Ffffffuuuuuck!” She panted and exhaled, her breath short all of a sudden.  Bette had Tina in a vice grip with her strong arms wrapped around both thighs.  Tina reached down to grab her hands and hold on for dear life.  “Bette!  Bette!  Fuck me all night!  Ffffuuuuuck!!!”


    Tina’s reaction to her efforts turned Bette on so much that her own panties got soaked again and she increased her intensity, dipping in and out of Tina with speed and fervor, drinking in her juices like a thirsty traveler in the desert.  She moaned into her pussy, covering Tina’s throbbing lips with her mouth and sucking them dry.  Their hands were clenched so tight that their knuckles started to turn white.


    “Tina you taste so good.  I want you.   Cum for me, Tina!” On command, Tina let go again and burst her sweet nectar into Bette’s wanting mouth.  “Mmmmmm…”  Lust was all over Bette’s face.


    Bette and Tina took turns pleasuring one another for hours.  It felt so good on so many levels, healing them on levels they didn’t know they were broken, bringing them together in an unprecedented level of intimacy.  They ended up sitting vertically with their legs intertwined, their sexes touching in just the right way causing them to reach climax again and again at the same exact time.  Their breathing was heavy and belabored, the kind that conveyed such an intense pleasure there weren’t words to describe it.


    They fell asleep in each other’s arms, with Bette being the big spoon, and all was right in the world.

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    1. Yeah, sex scene in 6.02 is too short. But how i was glad when Tina get out from her awful dress in that part. And by the way – who is the hell choose attires for LH in s6 – because they were just ugly

    2. Oh WoW,

      So glad that i didn’t read this at work!!! That was hot!!!

      Their love scenes were to short on the show!

      I love how you are able to write about their deep love for each other, their connection!

      I didn’t like what they both wear that season, terrible!

      Christina, you are a gifted writer and i hope you will write so much more!

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