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    What If – Chapter 13

    Los Angeles, CA….. (Department of Motor Vehicles)

    Bette: [looking inside stops before the main entrance then turns around] Forget it, let’s just come back another time.

    Shane: [grabbing her shoulders turning her back around] Oh, no you don’t! Look we’re already here let’s just get it over with and be done with it.

    Bette: [tilts her head back sighing in frustration] Fine.

    Shane: [smiling] That a girl.

    Bette: [reluctantly walks through the main entrance sequencing up her nose in disgust] It looks like Walmart and American Horror Story threw up [covering her nose] and why does it always smell like dragon breath in here?

    Shane: Like what?

    Bette: You know when your breath smells like you licked the asshole of a dead skunk for several hundred years….[pouting] ughhhhh I hate coming here! [she says before standing in line]

    Shane: I hate coming here to but maybe this time it won’t be that bad.

    Customer Service Lady: [looking over a customers paper work] Sir, may I see your expired drivers license please?

    The Man: [frantically pats down his pockets] I can’t seem to find my wallet!

    Customer Service Lady: So, you’re saying you don’t have a license?

    The Man: No, I have a license! I just had my wallet I remember grabbing it before I left home I don’t know maybe I lost it! [he says in a panic tone]

    Customer Service Lady: [shaking her head] Sounds like you have a real problem sir, see this paperwork you filled out is for people who already have a license.

    The Man: It took me a week, three smoke breaks, and canceling dates on both my girlfriend and my wife on the side to fill out that paperwork!

    Customer Service Lady: And since you don’t have one——[she says before throwing his papers in the trash bin next to her desk]

    The Man: [staring in disbelief] Hey!!!!

    Customer Service Lady: [reaching underneath her desk pulls out a new stack of papers placing them on her desk] This is the paperwork for people who need to replace their license! [she says handing it to him]

    The Man: [taking them from her looks at her like she’d lost her mind] Are you serious!? This looks like the damn yellow pages! What am I supposed to do with this!?

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    1. Hey SKUNKPU80,

      This chapter was worth the long waiting.

      It was very funny, had to laugh about Bette and Shane.

      I hope you will not break up my favourite couple B&T, they need to talk and then a long sweaty make up session 😊

      I hope you have a safe and great Halloween.

      Sincerly bibi28

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