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    Pete and Polly returned. She knew whatever secret she shared with Polly would never circle back around to Larry. Besides, she had more things to worry about in life at this moment than Piper’s small crush on her boss.

    Over her weekend away from work, Piper found herself conflicted on her feelings about her new job. She couldn’t deny she loved the look on people’s faces when she told them about her official job description. She loved answering questions about it. But, when she closed her eyes at night to sleep, the image of the man who’d died in his recliner flashed over the backs of her eyelids. His purple face. His deteriorated lips. The sound of the gurgling. She’d have to scoot herself closer to Larry in bed, despite her hatred of being held when she’s trying to sleep.

    It wasn’t traumatizing. It was an everyday occurrence for Lorna, Alex, and Nichols. It was just another body in the cooler, and Piper knew that. She just couldn’t shake the memory of him. She’d never bothered to learn his name. Never bothered to find out if he’d had any family who were missing and grieving him. She’d simply bagged him and patted herself on the back for having the willpower to keep pulling even when she’d plunged her fingers into his rotting leg tissue.

    She rolled over in bed. Larry was snoring away, the way he always did. Piper had found it cute when they’d first started dating but now, it was a nightly annoyance.

    Piper stared up at the ceiling, listening to Larry snore. She tried to focus on the sound of the air conditioning unit in their bedroom window to drown him out. She closed her eyes. The man. She opened them again. She tried so hard to push her mind to something else. Larry’s snoring was reminding her of the gurgling sound the man had made when they began pulling on him. She couldn’t take it.

    She grabbed her pillow and headed to the living room, planting herself on the couch. She turned on the tv for some background noise before lying down to attempt to fall asleep again. Piper truly fought the images of the man this time. She imagined counting sheep but the sheep would just turn purple and bloated and pop into disgusting pools of fluid as they landed on the grass they were supposed to be hopping on.


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