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    ”Yes. Her name is Alex Vause.” Piper nodded, reminiscing on the tall woman and the way her waist had looked in those pinstripe pants.

    ”She’s the owner? How old is she?” Polly pressed.

    ”Thirty something…maybe? I actually don’t know. She inherited the funeral home from her mother after she died.”

    ”Well, how mysterious.”

    ”I know!” Piper exclaimed. ”She told me that her mom was taking her to murder scenes and letting her sleep in caskets by the age of fifteen.”

    ”Ew, Piper.” Polly struggled to stand up out of her chair. ”Don’t get the hots for your weird goth lesbian boss.”

    It’s not like that.” Piper blushed, jumping up to help Polly.

    ”Relax honey.” Pete and Larry approached the women, plates in hand.

    ”I have to pee.” Polly said sternly. Pete gave Larry and Piper a look before grabbing a hold of Polly’s hand and leading her back inside the apartment towards the restroom.

    ”So what’re you girls talking about over here?” Larry sat, immediately biting into his shishkebab.

    ”Just work.” Piper smiled, resting her hand on his knee.

    ”Gross.” Larry said. ”Anything else?”

    ”Just my coworkers. My boss.” Piper shrugged, looking away.

    ”Is he nice? Is he the owner of the funeral home?” Larry asked.

    ”Well she is nice. She’s also the owner, yes.”

    ”Ah, so it’s an old lady then?” He pressed innocently.

    ”Yeah.” Piper nodded. ”I guess so.”

    She didn’t know why she hadn’t corrected him. It just felt safer to say Alex was in fact a harmless old woman rather than an incredibly attractive older woman.

    ”Everyone is being nice to you though? Besides the cooler fiasco?” Larry asked. Piper remembered the look on his face when she had told him about the cooler locking shut with her inside of it. He seemed petrified yet sad.

    ”Pipes, that’s horrible.” He had said. She didn’t go into detail about the puddle of unknown fluid she’d slipped in or the fact that her boss had saved her. She told him she’d broken out of it in a much shorter time than she truly had and that she’d done it all on her own. It wasn’t a major lie. But, it was still a lie. Piper had always done that when it came to Larry. Lying about very small things that didn’t matter. Or at least, didn’t matter to her. No, she wasn’t looking at that guy who was running down their street she was spacing out. No, she’d only spent a hundred dollars while shopping, not three hundred. Yes, she would consider taking the job at his father’s law office, not completely write it off immediately. Small things to please him or save his feelings. She quickly realized in her relationship with Larry that things were much easier this way.


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