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    Can we get it back – Chapter 6

    Surprisingly Tina feels the emptiness when Bette removes her hand. “Why am I feeling like this now, is it just because Bette is sick? What about Carrie?” Tina thinks to herself more and more.

    “I can’t not think about it, Tina. And I can’t ask you to stay. You are with Carrie, damn you’re marrying her for God’s sake.” Bette says sadly and looks quickly away.

    “Bette, listen to me…. I’m here, okay. I want to be here for you and for Angie. Please let me. I will talk to Carrie later. Right now, you and Angie are my priority. Okay?” Tina says again seriously.

    “Thank you.” Bette quietly replies. She breaks down again and hides her face in her hands. Tina doesn’t hesitate, she put her arms around Bette and holds her as she cries. Tina also shed some tears. That is how Angie finds her mothers minutes later when she walks in.

    “Mama T.” Angie calls out and quickens her steps towards her mother. Tina dries her tears and shifts her embrace to Angie and brings her into a big warm hug.

    “Hi sweetie.” Tina softly says.

    “You came.” Angie replies.

    “Off course I came. I love you guys, you are my family.” Tina says as she looks at Bette over Angie’s shoulder with a soft smile. “I will be here as long as I need to.” She adds.

    “Really?” Angie happily asks as she looks at her mama T.

    “Really. I talked to my boss and I have explained the situation to him. I got a good deal where I’ll be working on my computer at home in between hospital visits, as much as I manage. Other than that I’m on a kind of a sickleave. But I will not have to go away. Everything will be done over the phone and computer from wherever I am.” Tina explains.

    “I’ve missed you mom.” Angie says as she hugs her tighter.

    “I’ve missed you also, so much sweetie.” Tina whispers in her ear.

    “Where are you staying?” Angie asks.

    “I’ve checked into a hotel close by here.” Tina explains as she takes a seat on the chair next to the bed.

    Bette looks at Tina while Tina looks at Angie. Tears rolls down her cheek, she closes her eyes and lay her head back on the pillow. “We should be together as a family.” Bette thinks to herself.


    1. Carrie has no clue who Tina is. Carrie certainly is not a very mature person. Tina calls and Carrie only question is what about us or what about me. Evidently she has never had nor know anyone who ever had something come up which was a life or death situation for someone they love. No empathy and no common sense. Even if they were to marry, they would not last more than a couple of months at best.

      Great story. Wish Tina had more time with Bette before she went in to prep. It would have been nice if she could have gotten Bette calm down before she went in. I hate it that Bette got so upset. But she started to calm down, maybe it was enough.

      Great story…keeps getting better with every chapter….

    2. I can’t believe that Tina intended to marry on so selfish person, like Carrie. Tina, are you even heard phrase “rebounded girlfriend” and know what it’s mean? How you can jump from 8-9 years marriage quick in another relationship and think it’s something more than rebounding?

    3. My god, how selfiish can Carrie be, not one question of how Angie or Tina is.

      I think Tina is right to cancel the wedding, but how is it she didn’t know they don’t share the same core values. Did she jump in to the relationship like she has done before?

      I feel the sadness and heartbreak from Bette 😭 Here is the woman she loves so much but needs by her side in this hard time.

      Thanks for the update! Please stay save and healthy 🙏

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