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    Never Say Never Chapter 1

    ”Its so not even like that” Her sister said defensively.

    ”It so is like that” Alice replied mockingly as she threw her purse, keys and phone onto the marble counter.

    ”Is not”

    ”Is too!” Alice shouted at her phone as she picked out a green apple from a large bowl sitting on the counter and examined it for any bruises.

    “Alice” Whined the younger sister.

    “Tina” Alice responded in a sing-song voice, smiling at the frustrated sigh that then filled her ears.

    She had always enjoyed the verbal sparring between herself and her sister because it made their relationship the same as any other pair of biological siblings.

    They weren’t related by blood but according to Alice and Tina, that type of bond couldn’t have made them any closer. It was a big change from how they felt about each other when they first met.

    Alice’s mother had married husband number 3 aka Tina’s father when Alice was 9 and Tina was 7 but by then both girls were more than used to the fact that they were their parents’ “one and only”. They practically hated each other and fought all the time, neither girl able accept the other as family.

    They developed a bond during one day at school when Tina was being picked on by a group of girls and Alice had rushed over to help. The end result was a nice black eye for each of the girls that had picked on Tina and a week-long suspension from school from everyone involved. They had been inseparable ever since.

    ”-even listening to me?”

    Alice snapped out of her reverie and sunk her teeth into the juicy apple, responding to her sister with her mouth full. ”No, but I’m sure you were saying something important”


    Alice swallowed the pieces of apple in her mouth and opened it to respond as that muffled moaning grew louder, the exaggerated sound both filling her with irritation and even causing a wave of envy to course through her. Bette, her roommate, had brought home yet another girl leaving Alice to sulk over the fact that she still wasn’t getting any.

    She threw her apple at the closed door, ”Some of us are trying to eat here!”



    1. Interesting beginning. I am glad that you are doing a new story!

      Bette and Tina as friends op only, we will see that, Bette has already the hots for Tina and she will never succeed to stay away from Tina and keep her promise to Alice.

      So Brenda is the lady that Tina has a big crush on. That isn’t a big surprise.

      Let saturday come fast.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. It’s interesting to hear them as much younger than when we ‘met’ them on the show.

      I read in your author’s notes that you began with an idea for a story based on your enthusiasm over the film, “Girltrash”, and are working in the L Word characters that you like so much into your idea. That’s certainly a good way to get your writer’s block out of the way, and give your characters a framework to move through the scenes and whatever plot you’ve decided upon for your stories. Framing a plot is key, and as you know gives you the story beats to hit as you write.

      Often, when I plot a story, I know I’ll never get to the heart of it in one chapter and lately it’s taken me three chapters to arrive at the finale. For me, this happens because I’m constantly enriching their back story, a very fun place to be creatively in fanfiction, if not perhaps the heart of it, as I’ve discovered.

      These chapters on The Way to the climax I enjoy dreaming up their musings and anxieties, which these characters have in spades. Your kitchen scene gave a reflection of how you are seeing Alice and Bette.

      I find writing Bette, and endless amusing exercise, and have taken her into amusing and dark places. She’s a complex character that isn’t only about her libido. And you have written her in a comical, good way, but do give her some depth, because on the page she can definitely take it.

      My wishes of success for you as you continue to write and experiment with your ideas.


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