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    Never Say Never Chapter 1

    ”Nothing, I just dropped my apple” Alice mumbled as she picked out another fruit from the bowl, biting into that one as well.

    ”Oh. Okay well, as I was saying-”

    “Why do you want to go so bad anyway?” Alice sighed as she chewed on her apple.

    It was at that moment that Bette decided to grace her friend with her presence, sauntering out of her bedroom wearing a tight black tank top, a pair of black spandex shorts and a wide grin.

    “There’s this girl that’s going to be there on Saturday and I wanna talk to her”

    Alice watched as Bette walked over to the apple that she had thrown and picked it up from the floor before taking it over to the sink, rinsing it free of any dirt.

    “Did you tell her that you’re straight?” Alice’s eyes widened when Bette brought the apple to her lips and pointed at the fruit in disbelief. Bette shrugged and bit into the apple causing her best friend to shake her head with a smirk.

    “Alice” Tina sighed.

    “What?” Alice shrugged innocently, her mouth full of apple. “It’s not nice to lead people on, Tina. It’s not right to let that girl think you’re gay when in reality, you’re not”

    Bette’s face lit up with interest and her eyes widened in surprise, ”Tina’s gay?” She mouthed.

    Alice shot her best friend a death glare, a silent ”Don’t even go there”.

    Bette laughed quietly and leaned over the island counter. She took another bite out of her apple.

    She had known Tina for almost as long as she’d known Alice and though she cared for the younger blonde in her own way, their friendship wasn’t nearly as solid. Bette supposed they were closer at one point in their lives but all that changed once Tina went away to college.

    During her high school years, Tina was their band’s number one fan. She was there for every practice and jam session and went to almost every live performance. Once she got accepted into UCLA, Tina opted to move into a dorm rather than live at home and rarely came around to visit. No matter how close she was.

    Alice’s gaze went to Bette’s left hip and the garment stuck to her shorts there by static surely. She pointed to it and shrugged, mouthing the words ”What is that?”


    1. Interesting beginning. I am glad that you are doing a new story!

      Bette and Tina as friends op only, we will see that, Bette has already the hots for Tina and she will never succeed to stay away from Tina and keep her promise to Alice.

      So Brenda is the lady that Tina has a big crush on. That isn’t a big surprise.

      Let saturday come fast.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. It’s interesting to hear them as much younger than when we ‘met’ them on the show.

      I read in your author’s notes that you began with an idea for a story based on your enthusiasm over the film, “Girltrash”, and are working in the L Word characters that you like so much into your idea. That’s certainly a good way to get your writer’s block out of the way, and give your characters a framework to move through the scenes and whatever plot you’ve decided upon for your stories. Framing a plot is key, and as you know gives you the story beats to hit as you write.

      Often, when I plot a story, I know I’ll never get to the heart of it in one chapter and lately it’s taken me three chapters to arrive at the finale. For me, this happens because I’m constantly enriching their back story, a very fun place to be creatively in fanfiction, if not perhaps the heart of it, as I’ve discovered.

      These chapters on The Way to the climax I enjoy dreaming up their musings and anxieties, which these characters have in spades. Your kitchen scene gave a reflection of how you are seeing Alice and Bette.

      I find writing Bette, and endless amusing exercise, and have taken her into amusing and dark places. She’s a complex character that isn’t only about her libido. And you have written her in a comical, good way, but do give her some depth, because on the page she can definitely take it.

      My wishes of success for you as you continue to write and experiment with your ideas.


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