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    Never Say Never Chapter 1

    ”You have got to be kidding” Tina heard just as she walked into earshot, watching as Carmen stared at Nadia in disbelief. ”You’re her roommate. How can you not tell?”

    Nadia just shrugged as she brought the straw of her drink to her lips. ”I just can’t. I don’t know maybe she’s just good at hiding it”

    The brunette rolled her eyes, ”Please, that’s so much shit. I knew the moment I met her. You were able to tell with me when we met”

    Another shrug, ”Yeah well, that’s the difference between you and her”

    Carmen raised an eyebrow as she chewed on her straw, ”What’s that supposed to mean?”

    Nadia looked down at her drink and played with the plastic cover almost nervously, ”Well she’s more closed up and mysterious and you’re …”

    She let her words trail off as she sipped from her drink, raising her eyebrows at the brunette with a teasing look that said what she didn’t.

    The brunette laughed and slapped her friend on the arm just as Tina made it over to them, ”Hey. Girls or guys?”

    She was suddenly serious, in full on investigator mode as she pointed her drink at Tina, the outstretched straw somewhat serving as a microphone.

    ”What?” Tina chuckled as she glanced down at the straw, not at all surprised by the question.

    Carmen was just as blunt with everything she said as she was the day Tina had met her on campus. During the first day of classes, she had asked Tina for her workout routine because ”her ass was to die for”. They hit it off immediately and had been friends ever since.

    ”We were just talking about you” Nadia clarified as she rolled her eyes at her over anxious, not so subtle best friend. ”We were debating if you were into guys or girls since Carmen says it’s super obvious and I’m just that blind”

    The brunette shrugged as she sipped from her drink, ”I’ve noticed some things and you are. Super blind”

    Tina shook her head and smirked at the playful banter between her two best friends. Carmen and Nadia had been friends since high school so when Tina found out the latter girl was her roommate, they became an inseparable trio.

    ”Well that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you guys about. I met this girl-”

    ”HA!” Carmen exclaimed as she cut off Tina and pointed her finger at Nadia who just rolled her eyes as she sipped from her straw.

    ”Wait. Didn’t you date that guy freshman year though?” The blonde asked as she looked at Tina, ”Eric something”

    Tina shrugged, ”He’ll probably be the last”

    Carmen smiled smugly at Nadia, ”I hate to say I told you so but ..”

    Nadia rolled her eyes again, ”You said she was a lesbian”

    ”Yeah and she just admitted to that”

    ”But she likes guys too”

    ”Used to. But if you’re looking for technicalities, she’s half lesbian”

    ”You mean bisexual, Ms. Technical”

    ”Same shit. She still likes girls”

    ” … Whatever it’s not like we were betting anyway”

    Tina watched the entire exchange between her friends without a word, her eyes bouncing back and forth to whoever spoke at the time.

    ”So, you met a girl?” Carmen looked at Tina as she brought her straw to her lips, biting on the end.

    There was no point in mentioning how quickly the topic changed.

    ”Yeah” Tina beamed, ”That’s where you guys come in. I need your help”

    Nadia raised her eyebrows with intrigue, ”Do tell”

    ”Well” Tina sighed and laced her fingers together, ”She’s gonna be at The Planet on Saturday”

    ”That’s a 21 and over place” Carmen stated matter-of-factly, a slow smile spreading across her face.

    ”I know” Tina admitted as she twisted her fingers nervously, looking at her friends with the most innocent puppy dog expression.

    Nadia laughed, ”I think I have a spare ID somewhere in our room”

    Tina squealed as she threw herself into her roommates arms, squeezing the blonde tightly. ”Thank you, thank you”


    Carmen could only smile at the sight as she shook her head, ”You’re going to a lot of trouble for this girl. What’s her name anyway?”


    Tina pulled back to look at Carmen and sighed happily, ”Brenda”


    1. Interesting beginning. I am glad that you are doing a new story!

      Bette and Tina as friends op only, we will see that, Bette has already the hots for Tina and she will never succeed to stay away from Tina and keep her promise to Alice.

      So Brenda is the lady that Tina has a big crush on. That isn’t a big surprise.

      Let saturday come fast.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. It’s interesting to hear them as much younger than when we ‘met’ them on the show.

      I read in your author’s notes that you began with an idea for a story based on your enthusiasm over the film, “Girltrash”, and are working in the L Word characters that you like so much into your idea. That’s certainly a good way to get your writer’s block out of the way, and give your characters a framework to move through the scenes and whatever plot you’ve decided upon for your stories. Framing a plot is key, and as you know gives you the story beats to hit as you write.

      Often, when I plot a story, I know I’ll never get to the heart of it in one chapter and lately it’s taken me three chapters to arrive at the finale. For me, this happens because I’m constantly enriching their back story, a very fun place to be creatively in fanfiction, if not perhaps the heart of it, as I’ve discovered.

      These chapters on The Way to the climax I enjoy dreaming up their musings and anxieties, which these characters have in spades. Your kitchen scene gave a reflection of how you are seeing Alice and Bette.

      I find writing Bette, and endless amusing exercise, and have taken her into amusing and dark places. She’s a complex character that isn’t only about her libido. And you have written her in a comical, good way, but do give her some depth, because on the page she can definitely take it.

      My wishes of success for you as you continue to write and experiment with your ideas.


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