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    Chapter 11 – Definitely Hazel

    I watched the dangling object swing swiftly and drop slightly into more of the thick, damp mane. It was another fleur-de-lis like the one hanging from the choker.

    Goosebumps surfaced on my skin again. I was momentarily crippled by the intensity of the overwhelming sensations I first noticed when dancing with Helena. Wait a minute, is she slowing her movement? Did the song end?  

    When I moved my eyes from the earring caught in her hair, my breathing was interrupted again. There she stood, with an indiscernible look on the most gorgeous face I had ever seen. Her big brown eyes were staring straight into mine and for the first time in my 29 years, I became sexually aroused from the way another woman was looking at me.



    Thirty Seconds Earlier – Bette’s Point of View

    I took three dancing steps forward on the dance floor in front of two hot looking girls who had been leaning into each other in discussion while keeping their eyes on me. I flashed them both a smile that has been known to disrobe women faster than Alice could spread the word. And that was pretty fucking fast. 

    I was immediately sandwiched between them. One in front, the other behind, I could feel their eager fingertips tantalize my arms, shoulders, and back. I heard a massive spray of something operated by the DJ and looked up to see a cloud of dry ice snake its way through the crowd limiting the visibility in the club.

    The petite brunette who was facing me draped one arm around my neck and thrust her most erogenous body part high onto my right leg. She slowly coasted downward and I could feel the heat generated through her jeans as she rubbed herself against me.

    Behind me was a redhead with shoulder length locks who wasn’t shy about grabbing my hip to pull it back far enough to grind her pleasure spot on the back of my left leg. I felt her make her own descent.

    When the brunette in front of me writhed her way back up my body, she looked up at me and licked her lips. In an instant she turned around so that we were now facing the same direction. She bent forward provocatively so that her ass was directly in front of my crotch. Resisting what little urge I had to grab onto her hips, I gently bumped into her as the music set the pace to our tempo. She came back up, her hair wildly untamed from the moisture in the air. She continued to rotate her hips and push her ass into the front of my skirt as my own movements produced more contact when my tits swept against her back.

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    1. So I was really super nervous about telling these chapters in first person. Not everyone can pull it off that well so it was quite a challenge to keep the technical stuff consistent and in the same voice throughout each part. I’m hoping I did it justice and trust you readers would tell me if I couldn’t pull it off appropriately.

      Not sure if anyone picked up on the fact that not only are these two drawn to each other, but they are dressed in the same color scheme. Again, don’t ignore the signs. =)

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