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    Chapter 11 – Definitely Hazel

    At best, this little freak train was an ego booster. Neither one of these girls was awakening any sexual arousal in me despite the fact that I knew the very high probability that they were both wet and ready for the taking.

    Without warning, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing at attention as that mysterious intensity that pulled me into this bar returned with full force. My senses were again heightened.

    A sweet fragrance invaded my nose. It was unfamiliar to me but comforting in so many ways. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, savoring the delectable scent to commit it to my olfactory recall.  

    Holding that deep breath, I realized in my vulnerable position that I was being watched. I opened my eyes again looking down at the floor. I slowly turned my head to the right.

    My eyes met a sexy pair of boots that ended at the knee. Beyond the top of the boots were creamy skinned thighs decorated in diamond patterned stockings that continued up a black leather mini skirt. My eyes slowly scanned over the fabric where I was sure existed a beautiful hidden treasure.

    A few inches higher, the bold red color of the drape neck tank top came into my purview. Then my eyes were lost in the canyon that began just above the drape neck and continued underneath.

    I was sweating. My heart was racing and I couldn’t tell if the music was still playing.

    I shook my head a little and continued my visual journey up the milky white neck, landing on two pink lips that were slightly parted. I forced out the breath I was still holding since the moment I detected that sweet fragrance that I had no doubt was coming from the striking vision that stood before me. I slowed my movements while my dance partners continued keeping time with the music that I had tuned out. Did she just take a step towards me?

    The dim lighting of the club made it difficult to discern the color of her eyes. She wasn’t staring into mine, but she was looking at something not too far off. I looked behind me trying to gauge her line of sight. Turning back to her, it seemed like my sudden movement shook her out of her own head and we finally made eye contact.

    Hazel. Definitely hazel.

    I emerged from between the two seemingly soggy slices of my Bette-sandwich and towards the alluring figure staring deep into my soul.

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    1. So I was really super nervous about telling these chapters in first person. Not everyone can pull it off that well so it was quite a challenge to keep the technical stuff consistent and in the same voice throughout each part. I’m hoping I did it justice and trust you readers would tell me if I couldn’t pull it off appropriately.

      Not sure if anyone picked up on the fact that not only are these two drawn to each other, but they are dressed in the same color scheme. Again, don’t ignore the signs. =)

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