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    Chapter 11 – Definitely Hazel

    The mission I had embarked on was now long forgotten.

    I blinked a couple of times and forced myself to swallow. I found it hard to breathe and couldn’t figure out if it was the dry ice constricting my throat or a reaction to the visually pleasing form in front of me. The front of the skirt was teasingly making contact with the denim-covered ass in front that would occasionally push back into it at a relaxed and consistent tempo.

    Allowing my eyes to wander their way further upward, the music faded around me and everything else ceased to exist in that moment. The only sound I became aware of was the forceful pounding of my heart against my chest at an accelerated rate. I drank in the fit looking torso clad in a sexy corset of black lace against red silk.

    Further up, I observed bare arms with well defined muscles slightly raised up as the torso, and the amazingly proportioned breasts attached to it, rhythmically brushed up in a waving motion against a back I instantly wished was mine.  

    There was no denying that I was stuck in a moment of captivation. I admired the exposed shoulders and collarbone that peeked out of the top of the corset and were a rich, exotic bronze color. A black choker held a fleur-de-lis charm that twinkled with the movements of its owner and was attached to the most inviting neck I had ever seen. 

    Although the dry ice had begun to dissipate, I could only make out the woman’s partial profile because her head was slightly turned in the opposite direction from where I was standing. She had long brown hair that slightly kinked and curled in places, perhaps as a result of the moisture in the air. I could tell that she was perspiring from the physical activity and the radiating body heat palpable throughout the club.

    I heaved in a breath, attempting to rescue my brain from its lack of oxygen. From my vantage point, I noticed a shiny object wildly dangling from the woman’s hair. I studied it carefully, trying to figure out what it was.  

    It felt like the object was a high-powered vacuum sucking me towards the unknown territory this woman possessed as my leg took an unauthorized step closer to the source of my captivity. How long had I been standing there?

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    1. So I was really super nervous about telling these chapters in first person. Not everyone can pull it off that well so it was quite a challenge to keep the technical stuff consistent and in the same voice throughout each part. I’m hoping I did it justice and trust you readers would tell me if I couldn’t pull it off appropriately.

      Not sure if anyone picked up on the fact that not only are these two drawn to each other, but they are dressed in the same color scheme. Again, don’t ignore the signs. =)

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