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    Chapter 12

    I walk into Bette’s gallery, my anger is boiling. I couldn’t contain it. I knew I’d had a frown on my face since the meeting with the studio had ended. I needed to see Bette.

    James comes towards me,

    “Hi Tina,”

    “Hi James, is Bette around?”

    “She’s just talking to London she will be done shortly. Can I get you a coffee, tea?”

    “Water please,” I say softly. I feel my blood pressure becoming too much. I need to calm down but how can I? My world is falling apart and it had hadn’t in one meeting. A meeting that had been set up behind my back and made me feel awful. I sit in a small waiting area at the door of the gallery and watch the New York street outside. Busy. People passing by, some glace in, some are in too much of a rush to notice. I don’t drink the water James had bought me. I know my hands are shaking. Anger has a funny affect on me. My anger is turning to sadness. Sadness at the situation, sadness that I’d been put into this position.

    “Tina,” I hear Bette’s voice and I look up at her, she looks as breath taking as she did when she left the apartment with Noah this morning. She sees something in my eyes. I know. “Come with me,”

    I follow her in silence into her office. I walk over to the window as Bette closes the door.

    “What’s the matter?2

    “I’ve just been fired.” I say my voice soft.


    “We all have, the company has closed.”


    “Yes, its lost $2billion this year, so the higher ups have decided to fold the company. I’m jobless, I can’t support my son.”

    “Our son,” Bette whispers as she comes up behind me she gently runs her hands along my arms. “You’re not alone Ti, we are in this together you know that.”

    “I’m sorry.” I say, my voice softening. “I…I forget sometimes that you’re my partner. All I could think all the way through the meeting was my world was over. I can’t afford Noah’s schooling…”

    “We can afford it. Listen you can make a positive out of this. we can.”

    “They are paying my years salary,”

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