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    Chapter 12

    (Angelica) Hey

    Bette rolls her eyes and smiles as she moves past her.

    (Bette) Hey yourself

    Tina and Bette meet eyes and laugh. Tina holds Bette’s gaze for a moment before taking a step towards her and pulling her close. They both hold onto each other, tightening their hold around the other’s back as they can’t get close enough to one another. Tina speaks softly into her neck.

    (Tina) I know I’m not supposed to say this anymore but God I just love you so much

    Bette tightens her hold even further and buries her face in Tina’s neck. They stay in that position and continue holding each other before a sound from Angelica’s room pulls them from the moment and they both take a step back.

    Angelica returns and her and Tina sit together at the dining room table as Bette serves dinner in the kitchen. Angelica talks excitedly about her camp, speaking quickly and animatedly about the different activities she’s taken part in and telling Tina story after story of all the exciting things she got up to with her friends.

    Tina listens attentively and laughs along at Angelica’s funny stories, enjoying watching her and taking in every familiar turn of phrase or mannerism that reminds her so much of herself or of Bette.

    Bette arrives and places their plates in front of each of them and takes a seat as well. They eat their meals in silence for a short while before Angelica abruptly turns to Tina.

    (Angelica) So Mom says you think it’s 2002

    Tina raises her eyebrows and glances at Bette, before focusing back on Angelica.

    (Tina) Yes, that’s true

    (Angelica) So you don’t remember me?

    Bette and Tina share another look before Tina reaches out and takes Angelica’s hand.

    (Tina) I’m sorry, that’s also true. But it’s temporary. I’m working with this therapist and she’s confident that she’ll have me back in no time

    Bette and Tina share another subtle look, and Bette clears her throat and looks back to Angelica.

    (Bette) So until then you’ll stay here with me, but you can see your Mom as much as you like

    Tina smiles at Bette, and Angelica glances between them.

    (Angelica) So you two would have been together in 2002, right? Like a proper couple?

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    1. Oh my…. what is it that Tina does not know…. that which she is not ready to hear. Angie is just one more person to confirm that Bette and Tina are not on the best of terms in the their current life. What to do? How to handle this,,, there is a real love present between the two of them now… but its only temporary unless one of them or both of them can get though this current relationship and change their relationship to something more conducive to the reality everyone sees in these two. They do really love each other…. but they have allowed something to tear them apart and not be together. One or both of them cannot let that thing go, whatever it is. As Tina says: What a fucked up mess. I wonder what she will say when she actually is confronted with the real problem….

      Thanks for the update….

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