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    Chapter 12

    (Tina) Are you nervous?

    Bette looks up at her as she sets the glasses on the bench.

    (Bette) I am, a little. I was hoping she’d talk to me more, and ask more questions before we did this, but she hasn’t really wanted to

    Tina nods as she listens.

    (Bette) She’s really excited to see you. You’ve never been apart for this long before and she’s asked a few times whether you’re still coming. But she hasn’t wanted to talk at all about what’s going on, or to even acknowledge it

    Bette shrugs.

    (Bette) So I’m not really sure how this is going to go

    Tina nods as Bette slides a glass over in front of her. Bette takes a seat and they both have a sip of their drink and sit in silence for a moment.

    (Tina) Was there something in particular you wanted to talk about before she gets here?

    (Bette nods) Yes, there is actually

    She looks at Tina for a long moment before continuing.

    (Bette) I’m a bit worried that we’re getting on so well. What she’s going to make of that

    Tina furrows her brow as she listens.

    (Bette) I wouldn’t want her to think that that makes it your fault that we don’t get on usually. Because it’s not. This whole thing has the potential to be really unsettling for her. I just really don’t want her resenting you when you’re eventually back and things return to normal.

    Tina nods and looks down at her wine glass for a moment before raising her eyes to meet Bette’s.

    (Tina) Should we not get on then? I could throw the odd insult your way during dinner?

    (Bette smiles) Hmmm, yes just tell me to go fuck myself every so often. That should help make her feel more secure

    They share a pensive smile. Tina shrugs.

    (Tina) Well what’s the solution then? I see what you’re saying, it probably could look like I’m the problem. But what can we do about that?

    (Bette) I think let’s get through tonight and then maybe we shouldn’t spend time again the three of us. I think it’s just too confusing for her

    (Tina) So you don’t want me to see her after tonight?

    Bette smiles and reaches over and takes her hand.

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    1. Oh my…. what is it that Tina does not know…. that which she is not ready to hear. Angie is just one more person to confirm that Bette and Tina are not on the best of terms in the their current life. What to do? How to handle this,,, there is a real love present between the two of them now… but its only temporary unless one of them or both of them can get though this current relationship and change their relationship to something more conducive to the reality everyone sees in these two. They do really love each other…. but they have allowed something to tear them apart and not be together. One or both of them cannot let that thing go, whatever it is. As Tina says: What a fucked up mess. I wonder what she will say when she actually is confronted with the real problem….

      Thanks for the update….

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