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    Chapter 12

    (Bette) No, I want you to see her. You can see her on your own if you’re comfortable, or otherwise one of the others could be with you. Or Kit, she’s back in a couple of days

    Tina nods as she considers this.

    (Bette) We’ve just never spent any time as a family. I think if we start now it will just confuse her. I think she’d probably like it a lot, and I don’t want her to get her hopes up or anything like that

    Tina looks at her for a moment and then nods.

    (Tina) OK

    They finish their wines and then start on the dinner preparations together, Bette at the stove top and Tina chopping vegetables at the bench. Bette speaks to her over her shoulder.

    (Bette) You’ll recognise this recipe, it’s one of yours. Angie loves it so much she has me make it too

    When Tina doesn’t answer Bette turns to face her. She finds Tina standing completely still and looking out to the hallway, breathing heavily with a far off look in her eyes and a smile forming on her lips. Bette follows her gaze and sees Angelica unloading her belongings at the front door.

    Bette looks back to Tina and takes in the look of overwhelming love so evident on her features.

    (Bette) Are you OK?

    Tina looks to Bette and her smile widens.

    (Tina) She’s ours?

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) She is

    Tina looks back to Angelica.

    (Tina) Oh my God Bette, how did we get so lucky? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful. So perfect

    Angelica spots Tina and runs down the hallway to her, throwing her arms around her and almost knocking her off balance.

    (Angelica) Mom!

    Tina wraps her arms around her and hugs her tightly.

    (Tina) Hey baby

    Angelica buries her head into Tina.

    (Angelica) I missed you so much

    Bette watches the scene unfold with glistening eyes. Angelica eventually leans back and smiles up at Tina, who looks back at her and again catches her breath.

    (Angelica) I have so much to tell you

    (Tina smiles) Yeah? Camp was fun?

    (Angelica) So fun! I’ll be back and I’ll tell you all about it

    Angelica smiles broadly as she steps away, turning to hurry to her room. She turns distractedly to Bette on her way past.

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    1. Oh my…. what is it that Tina does not know…. that which she is not ready to hear. Angie is just one more person to confirm that Bette and Tina are not on the best of terms in the their current life. What to do? How to handle this,,, there is a real love present between the two of them now… but its only temporary unless one of them or both of them can get though this current relationship and change their relationship to something more conducive to the reality everyone sees in these two. They do really love each other…. but they have allowed something to tear them apart and not be together. One or both of them cannot let that thing go, whatever it is. As Tina says: What a fucked up mess. I wonder what she will say when she actually is confronted with the real problem….

      Thanks for the update….

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