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    Chapter 13

    (Kit) What in the…

    Dana walks past her and Kit reaches out and abruptly pulls her towards her, not taking her eyes from the scene playing out in front of her.

    (Dana) Jesus!

    Dana’s drink spills down her arm and she wipes it away as she looks over at Kit, whose eyes remain fixed on Bette and Tina.

    (Dana smiles) Kit, you’re back, what’s going on?

    Kit slowly shifts her gaze to look at her.

    (Kit) Ah, you tell me

    Kit nods towards Bette and Tina with raised eyebrows.

    (Kit) Have I stepped back in time or what?

    Dana smiles as she reaches for a napkin from a nearby table and continues to clean herself up.

    (Dana) Interesting choice of words there Kit

    Kit looks back towards the couch and Dana looks at her, taking in her shocked expression.

    (Dana) I’m guessing you haven’t spoken to Bette this last week?

    Kit looks back at her and shakes her head.

    (Kit) What’s all this about? Are they…?

    Dana smiles and shakes her head.

    (Dana) No

    Dana’s smile fades as she stops and thinks for a moment, looking towards Bette and Tina.

    (Dana) Well…

    She shakes her head again with a laugh.

    (Dana) No

    Kit frowns and gives her a concerned look.

    (Kit) Should I ask someone else?

    (Dana) You can try, but I’m not sure anyone really understands what’s going on

    Dana shrugs and Kit frowns at her before looking back to the couch, raising her eyebrows as Bette whispers something into Tina’s ear, and Tina smiles as she listens and runs her hand down Bette’s arm.

    Dana watches as well, casually sipping the remainder of her drink from her straw. Kit looks at her.

    (Kit) Not phased by this Dana? Like nothing here is phasing you one bit?

    (Dana smiles) I’m just rolling with it

    Kit frowns at her and Dana shrugs.

    (Dana) Maybe you should talk to Bette?

    Kit nods distractedly as she turns back to Bette and Tina.

    (Kit) Yeah ok, I’ll talk to Bette

    Dana makes her way back to the table and Kit approaches the couch.

    (Kit) Hey baby girl

    Bette looks up at her and Kit looks back with eyebrows raised.

    (Bette) Kit. Ah, hi

    Bette clears her throat as she withdraws her arm from around Tina.

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    1. Okay… I am not quite understanding who the current Tina is. Evidently she is the head of an entertainment buisness… and really well to do? And perhaps the problem in the current life has something do with her job maybe? So why is Kit glad to see them together but so blown out of the water that they are affectionate with each other? And Angie believes heart and soul that they hate each other? So now she is going to try to establish a relationship with Angie…. and Angie’s response seems strange as well. She is close to Tina yet with the current situation she is avoiding her? I would have expected that she would have driven Bette crazy with questions once she found out Tina was stuck in 2002.

      thanks for the update…. look forward to more…

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