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    Chapter 13

    (Bette) Trip went well?

    Kit frowns at her.

    Tina looks to Bette, and Bette smiles back at her as Kit continues to glance between them. Tina looks up and meets Kit’s eyes.

    (Tina) Hey Kit

    Kit holds her gaze for a moment.

    (Kit) Tina

    Kit again looks to Bette.

    (Bette) I was hoping to talk to you before we saw each other

    (Kit) Uh huh, I’ll bet

    Kit shakes her head.

    (Kit) I’m not saying I don’t like seeing you two getting on better, but this seems…

    She looks between them again.

    (Kit) Sudden

    (Bette) There’s a bit to fill you in on

    (Kit sighs) Well no time like the present baby girl

    She looks to Tina.

    (Kit) Would you excuse us for a minute? My sister here has a bit to fill me in on

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) Take your time

    (Bette) Are you OK here?

    (Tina) Yes of course, I’ll find the others

    Bette looks to Kit who is stuck in position staring back at her with eyebrows raised. She glances back at Tina as she goes to stand.

    (Bette) Back in a sec

    (Tina smiles) OK

    Tina approaches the table where everyone is sitting and takes a seat.

    (Tina smiles) Hey guys

    They all smile at her and Shane pours her a drink from the cocktail pitcher on the table.

    (Dana) You saw Kit?

    (Tina nods) Yes, Bette’s speaking to her

    They all nod and Tina has a sip of her drink.

    (Alice smiles) So, round two of our game?

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) Why don’t we just let things come up naturally Al?

    (Alice sighs) OK

    She looks at Tina for a moment.

    (Alice) But do you still not want to hear anything about yourself? Not even more about your career?

    (Tina sighs) Well I know I’m still in film, I’ve obviously had to be in touch with my work about taking leave

    She picks up her drink from the table.

    (Tina) So yeah I know the company I’m working for

    (Alice smiles) And what do you think?

    (Tina shrugs) They were always my favourite, I hoped to end up there one day

    She has a sip of her drink and they all smile at her.

    (Tina) What?

    (Shane) And who have you been speaking to there?

    (Tina) Only to my assistant so far, I guess they’re relaying it all to my boss

    They all smile and Tina glances around at them.

    (Tina) Seriously, why are you all looking at me like that?

    (Alice smiles) Go on, let us tell you

    Tina continues to look at them all suspiciously.

    (Tina) OK, tell me what?

    (Alice) There is no boss Tina, not for you

    Tina raises her eyebrows.

    (Tina) Jesus

    She puts her drink down and frowns at them, and they all smile back at her.

    Tina laughs and shakes her head.

    (Tina) Wow. That explains my house I guess

    Alice nods.

    (Alice) Yah

    (Dana smiles) Well something for you to look forward to

    They all frown at her, confused.

    (Tina) What do you mean?

    Dana glances around the table and Alice puts her drink down and furrows her brow even further.

    (Alice) She’s not actually from the past Dana

    Dana sheepishly looks around the table.

    (Dana) I know

    Alice keeps frowning at her.

    (Alice) Do you?

    Bette and Kit arrive at the table, Kit taking a seat next to Tina, and Bette sitting opposite them. Kit looks at Tina for a long moment and Tina looks nervously back at her.

    (Kit) So, 2002 huh?

    (Tina smiles) Afraid so

    (Kit sighs) Well we have a lot to catch up on then

    She nods towards Bette with raised eyebrows.

    (Kit) Recent events

    Bette smiles at Tina and has a sip of her drink.

    (Kit) And a whole lot else

    Tina smiles back at Bette and then focuses on Kit.

    (Kit) Bette says you want to do something Saturday? Angie too?

    Tina nods.

    (Tina) Yes, if you’re free I’d like that

    Kit puts her arm around her.

    (Kit) OK baby girl, whatever you need

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    1. Okay… I am not quite understanding who the current Tina is. Evidently she is the head of an entertainment buisness… and really well to do? And perhaps the problem in the current life has something do with her job maybe? So why is Kit glad to see them together but so blown out of the water that they are affectionate with each other? And Angie believes heart and soul that they hate each other? So now she is going to try to establish a relationship with Angie…. and Angie’s response seems strange as well. She is close to Tina yet with the current situation she is avoiding her? I would have expected that she would have driven Bette crazy with questions once she found out Tina was stuck in 2002.

      thanks for the update…. look forward to more…

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