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    Chapter 16

    (Alice) I still want to be friends you know, even if you and Bette don’t work out

    Tina raises her eyebrows and Alice gestures with her head towards Bette.

    (Alice) But better yet, just work things out with Porter. That’s why you’re here, yeah?

    Tina and Bette meet eyes and both smile, and Bette shakes her head and turns to Alice.

    (Bette) Can you leave please?

    Alice smiles as she looks between them.

    (Alice) No problem

    Alice picks up her handbag from the bench and makes a quiet exit, and Bette and Tina stand in silence for a moment, neither looking at the other. Bette has another gulp of wine and Tina looks over to her, examining her for a moment. Tina then steps towards her, leaning back on the bench alongside her and reaching for the glass of wine. Bette smiles as she hands it over, and Tina has a large gulp and then hands it back to her and Bette places it down on the bench. Bette looks at her profile as Tina looks ahead.

    (Bette) How have you been?

    Tina looks over at her, and they hold each other’s gaze for a long moment.

    (Tina) Not good

    Bette slowly steps towards her, reaching out and moving her hand gently over Tina’s stomach, and Tina takes a breath as Bette moves closer. Bette moves her arms around Tina’s waist, and Tina reaches up and moves her hand through Bette’s hair, placing it on the back of her head and holding her in place as Bette buries her head in Tina’s neck. They hold onto each other, and Tina speaks to her softly.

    (Tina) Oh my God I’ve missed you

    Bette tightens her hold around her. They stay in that position for a long while before Bette eventually draws back, and they look to one another, both with tears in their eyes. Bette moves her hand slowly through Tina’s hair, pulling her in and bringing their lips together. The kiss starts slow but soon becomes more heated as they pull one another closer and their hands begin to wander as they both can’t get enough of the other. They draw back and look at one another, both trying to catch their breath.


    1. Okay…. an exclusive relationship which is not necessarily going anywhere? Whatever works. Glad they talked and worked it out. I’m not sure what they have decided anything except for the labels which represent what they are already experiencing and to continue and see where this goes. There are no expectations for the future. But there is an underlying desire that they will do the future together whatever that is.

      Thanks for the chapter…

    2. Wow, funny thing! They both feel the same way, want the same things. They just needed to express them. Why is Tina so dead set about a commitment ? Who hurt her so much? Glad to see your post. Keep them coming!

    3. Whew! What a cliff hanger you left us in 15. A new flavor to the Bette and Tina story is really appreciated!

      As an aside, I wish you had added health issues/STDs as support for Bette’s exclusivity request. I don’t think we talk about or address STDs. Not all partners are “safe”. Remember we are a collection of all of our active partners.

      Keep writing I really like you stories!

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