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    Chapter 16

    (Bette) Can we talk later?

    Tina takes another breath and nods.

    (Tina) Yeah

    Bette hoists her up and Tina wraps her legs around her waist, and they make their way towards the stairs.


    Later, they lie together in Bette’s bed, wrapped in the sheets and around each other. Tina looks up at the ceiling as her breathing slowly returns to a usual rate, and she then looks over to Bette.

    (Tina) I really did come here to talk to you

    Bette smiles at her.

    (Bette) What did you want to talk about?

    Tina looks at her for a long moment, taking a breath before speaking.

    (Tina) I’ve had this realisation. Well, not so much a realisation, more Helena just telling me something. Pretty forcefully actually

    Bette looks at her curiously.

    (Bette) What did she tell you?

    (Tina) She pointed out that I never actually asked you what you wanted from this. From me

    Bette looks at her and Tina shrugs.

    (Tina) So I thought maybe I should. That it might be worth having that discussion, if you’re willing to

    Bette nods and looks downwards for a moment, gathering her thoughts. She untangles herself from Tina and they both move to position themselves with their heads on the pillows and turned towards each other. They look back at one another for a moment before Bette breaks the silence.

    (Bette) I think maybe I’ll answer that by first telling you what I don’t want from you

    (Tina frowns) OK. What don’t you want from me?

    (Bette) A commitment. Or a promise of a future

    Tina frowns as she searches her face.

    (Tina) Bette I don’t want you to compromise yourself for me

    Bette shakes her head slowly.

    (Bette) I’m not. I don’t need it. I don’t even want it

    Tina continues to look at her uncertainly.

    (Bette) You don’t believe me

    (Tina smiles) It seems convenient

    Bette smiles and raises her eyebrows.

    (Bette) That doesn’t make it not true

    Tina studies her for a long moment.

    (Tina) I just feel like your judgement may be clouded here

    (Bette smiles) Because of how I feel about you?

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) Maybe

    Bette smiles at her.

    (Bette) I’ve thought about that. I can see the risk that I’d agree to something, or offer something, just so I could keep seeing you


    1. Okay…. an exclusive relationship which is not necessarily going anywhere? Whatever works. Glad they talked and worked it out. I’m not sure what they have decided anything except for the labels which represent what they are already experiencing and to continue and see where this goes. There are no expectations for the future. But there is an underlying desire that they will do the future together whatever that is.

      Thanks for the chapter…

    2. Wow, funny thing! They both feel the same way, want the same things. They just needed to express them. Why is Tina so dead set about a commitment ? Who hurt her so much? Glad to see your post. Keep them coming!

    3. Whew! What a cliff hanger you left us in 15. A new flavor to the Bette and Tina story is really appreciated!

      As an aside, I wish you had added health issues/STDs as support for Bette’s exclusivity request. I don’t think we talk about or address STDs. Not all partners are “safe”. Remember we are a collection of all of our active partners.

      Keep writing I really like you stories!

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