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    Chapter 17 – Quick Trip to New Haven

    Tina: And Jim is going to analyze what needs to be done to make it comfortable for Angie and a couple of roommates. He will also be asked to buy all the furnishings and get the place move in ready by mid-summer.  That way Bette and I do not have to spend our time searching for contractors, finding the right drapes, buying furniture, having it delivered and installed.  And Angie does not have the time or the experience either to do this in a timely fashion. And of course, she has no idea what a budget is.

    Mary: You have a budget for this project?

    Bette:  Roughly yes. Setting a house up is expensive. But we hope to do it for a reasonable amount and get some mid-range furnishings that will last up to about 7 years. We are not going to buy heirloom furnishings. Angie is going to be comfortable but not living in the lap of luxury.

    Tina:  The big deal is for Angie’s roommates to have reasonable comfort and storage space as well. They will not have rooms as luxurious as her room here.  But it will be better than her dorm room. There will be more space, more closets and a kitchen and laundry facility which she can use day or night.  There will be a good place to study and some privacy as well. She will have to do some cooking and housekeeping. But with every advantage there are certain disadvantages. And that is the bargain Angie is striking. But I think she’ll be able to handle it.

    Mary:  I think she will too. I hope she knows how lucky she is to have you two as parents.

    Bette: You know Mom, sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. This will introduce Angie to some of that. Tina and I are not available to make sure her meals are provided or that she has clean underwear. That is up to her.

    Mary: She’s doing her laundry now. She is just not cooking or doing housekeeping duties.

    Bette: And the fact that she will share those duties with a couple of other people is going to be a real maturing experience.

    Bette: Can I get you two some more coffee? I’m going to drink one more cup then, I’m gone. Tina, are you going to the studio?

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